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Monday, June 16, 2008 MBG, Community Member, asks

Q: When sleeping, breathe in fine but can't breathe out through nose

When I sleep, according to my husband, I can breathe in normally through my nose, but then pause and am unable to breathe out through my nose. I eventually push out a breath through my mouth. I also wake up with sore abdominal muscles. I have had a sleep study which showed no sleep apnea. I don't feel stuffed up, what could be the problem. I am also incredibly tired during the days despite 7-8 hrs of sleep. Thanks!

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Sue, Community Member
6/29/08 3:30pm

Thanks for your question.  I'm not certain what could be causing this - especially if the sleep study showed no sleep apnea.  Is it possible you have a deviated septum?  Or some issue related to your lungs/bronchial or breathing?  Just a couple of thoughts.  Maybe it is simply a matter of re-training your body to breathe correctly with some new exercises.


Check in with your phycisian to see if you can work together to get to the bottom of what is happening.  You may also consider reviewing the sleep study results - just in case.


Hope this helps and all the best, sue


Hope this helps and all the best, sue (moderator)

leftnostrilnoexhale, Community Member
12/28/09 8:33pm

i have the same problem.  occurs when lying on my back.  i can inhale fine, but often wake up because i can't exhale through my left nostril.  my right nostril is fine.  i have to exhale through my mouth.  i do not wake up with sore abdominal muscles.  i haven't had a sleep study done.

McKin, Community Member
8/20/11 11:02pm

I to have similar issue, while trying to sleep on back, can inhale fine, but cannot

Exhale forcing me to exhale through mouth. No cramps or anything like that.

i have had two sleep studies done, yes i was told i have sleep apnea, but  the

C-pap machine has not helped at all from what I can see…with c-pap, I am lucky to sleep

One -four hrs.and once in a blue moon I might get up to 6 hrs. of sleep.  But I still feel wiped out.

 Now I am to the point I sleep a few hrs. each day after I have breakfast. Now to the point of

Sleeping all day or should I say trying to sleep all day.

Now it started affecting my driving, ok for local / short trips. But went on vacation last week-

Found myself stopping very often to wake myself, stretch, and a break just to keep myself

Alert and safe to be on the road.

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