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Thursday, November 20, 2008 Irene, Community Member, asks

Q: I fall asleep, but wake up every 1 1/2 to 2 hours every night, could that be sleep apnea?

For several years I took amitriptyline/noritriptyline to sleep.  I have arthritis and fibromalysia. I no longer take either med or celibrex or nexium. I quit eating wheat/gluten, quit drinking milk, and several other foods and eat mostly fruits and vegetables-a large amount of them raw. I have lost 30 of the lbs I gained during menopause, with a few more to go. I also try to stay away from sugar and preservatives.  But I have a terrible time with sleeping.  I take melatonin, and occasionally ambiem.  I feel much better physically except for not sleeping well.  Is it just imsomnia or could it be sleep apnea.  I also limit myself to 2 cups of coffee in the morning.  I worked shift work for 15 years, but its been 10 years since then.  I am 57.

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Rita, Community Member
3/14/09 9:48pm

Laughing1986 I was 23 years old and I was not sleep well, I am not exaggerated to say you that maximum I was sleeping in 24 hours 1-2hours only that was for six months form April - October and the only thing helped me to come out from that condition, the medicine didn't helped me at all, but I was reading the bible specially the new testament and pray and I forgive the one who was hearted me, I believe will help you my personal experience and start reading your bible from Saint .John gospel. By the way I am sleeping since that day as a baby, I don't have any problem.

randomsentient, Community Member
1/ 3/10 9:40am

Why  not Gray's Anatomy? Or Winnie the Pooh? Seriously, this is a medical forum. Save your tired proselytizing. If you don't have anything that's actually HELPFUL to say, go find a churchy circle jerk to spout this nonsense.

YOUTOME, Community Member
6/29/10 11:02pm

Sheesh .....bitter much ? If it didn't help you ..move on ! Why be insulting ? JERK 

Soothing, Community Member
10/13/10 9:08pm

I Agree. Why attack a person because they mention the Bible. Isnt the purpose of the forum to share experiences, particularly things that work ?  Well, this person did.  Personally, I found it helpful. 

mrsnancygreen, Community Member
10/19/10 10:18am

I like what Rita wrote and I am going to try it, I believe that all of the answers are in the bible anyway. You cannot find peace in Winnie the Pooh. If you are agnostic then the Bible is certainly going to bore you to sleep anyway. Thank you Rita, I should have known that, especially the forgiving part....... in fact... I will pray harder!!! Rita, you rock!

azito, Community Member
8/ 7/12 8:07pm

I too believe in the power of prayer, have difficulty staying asleep, and I've decided better than taking drugs to pray.  Thank you for ALL the feedback.

Coleman09, Community Member
12/ 1/11 2:27pm
Wow, you can't be that ignorant! Stress, unforgivness, bitterness, and the like can all be reasons for lack of sleep! You are not a doctor, it's advice here biblical advice combined with others OPININIONS is jus as valid as any other advice, I see you gave no advice just put someone else who was trying to help down. Reading spiritual material is much better than inducing medication, I would suggest as well exercise to relieve tension, if there's a lot on your mind and your mind keeps running while you sleep the peace that surpasses all understanding Jesus is an excellent place to start before meds. No doctors here means its not just medicinal healing, teas are also a good source for relieving tension . So grab your bible and a hot cup if sleepy time tea after you speed walk 30-45 min a day, assuming your healthy enough to exercise! God Bless You and Yours:) Reply
lefeelman, Community Member
2/24/14 7:54pm

*tips fedora*

Bonnie, Community Member
11/26/08 8:34am

Irene,  I want you to know that I also have problems staying asleep for over an hr. at a time.  I snore, have nightmares and recently had the sleep study and have severe sleep apnea. I have had the sleep mask for 2 mos.. I get up feeling better and no nightmares while I wear it..but still wake up often..that part may be meant to be. I suggest giving it a try.. I'm 65 and finding it helpful, but a new way of resting.. Bonnie

Carol Wu, Community Member
11/26/08 1:20pm

I currently take amitriptyline and melatonin to help me sleep. I also have arthritis and possibly fibromyalgia. If I don't take the amitriptyline (low dose - 20 mg. before bed), I have a hard time falling asleep and I wake up with my fists and teeth clenched, and generally with a "tight" body, not a relaxed one. The question my doctor asked me years ago when I talked about sleep problems and being tired a lot was: "Do you dream?" When I said "No," she explained that the tension in my body was keeping me from getting into deep REM sleep. After taking amitriptyline, I have no trouble sleeping a full seven to eight hours straight at night and waking up feeling rested. I was also found to be hypothyroid, so I take thyroid medication, and I believe that also helps my sleep. You might want to get a physical checkup to be sure there isn't some underlying cause other than sleep apnea.

Gil, Community Member
11/25/11 8:07am

Jesus said in Matthew 11:28 "Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Our God is an awesome God and he will give you a restful nights sleep if you just ask him.


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