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Thursday, December 11, 2008 Ann, Community Member, asks

Q: weird sensation in my head

Last night I had a weird sensation in my head the only way I can describe it is as a rubber band pinging inside my head. This happened once and then I went to bed as  I lay down and closed my eyes I had this terrible sensation across my eyes and forehead, like electricity buzzing. This terrified me and I tried to get up but couldn't move as much as I was fighting to do so. I also tried to call for my husband but no sound would come out. I was totally aware but was unable to move or call out. This lasted for around 20 to 30 seconds. This left me in a terribly frightened state and I was really scared to try to go back to sleep. I remember this happening to me around 10 years ago my husband was beside me and I was aware of him there but could not move or call him to help but was very aware of myself trying to move and call him which was making me panic more. Has anybody any ideas about this, I feel that if I tell a doctor they will think I am going mad,  but I am so scared that this might be some sort of stroke - I am 57 years old

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HealthGal, Health Guide
12/11/08 10:53pm

I never take complaints like this lightly.  On the one hand, the last time that you say this happened was years ago if i understood you correctly and you seemed to be fine after the experience.  On the other hand, it sounds like some kind of cerebral experience that you would want to get checked out to rule out a TIA (event that precludes a stroke) or other vascular issue.  You don't mention if you are in a sleep stage when this happens and again it might be related to a normal phenomenon - but i would get it checked out with your doctor.

Jerry Kennard, Health Guide
12/12/08 11:28am

Hi Ann,


It's just possible that you have experienced a form of sleep paralysis. The vivid sensory activity you describe when trying to fall asleep is one clue, and the second is your attempt to call out and feeling that you can't move.


However, I do agree with the previous answer that because of the infrequent nature of your experience that it is worth being checked over. If, by any chance, you have experienced a small stroke I suspect you might be showing other symptoms during the day - but this isn't always the case.

AL, Community Member
2/12/09 9:30pm

That is strange because i had that exact same experience but i actually heard talkin around me and my brother slept in the bed beside me so i tried to call him but i couldnt it was horrifying ..its happened alot but im only nineteen so i dont think its a stroke..

Bilic123, Community Member
12/17/09 10:47am

The same thing happens to me. I hear distortion in my head that is very powerfull, and when it happens i cannot move, and i also hear people talking, breathing, singing, it's creepy and i cannot explain it. But over time I have grown to like it. It can be very fun if you just let it happen, you can do something called "Lucid Dream" They are dreams that feel as real as life, so real that you will wakeup and reality will seem like a dream. And you can control everything that happens in them. You should also look up OBE's that are also connected with sleep paralysis. I feel lucky to be one of the people that exeperience this. I get excited everytime i hear this noise in my head lol.

Knox, Community Member
3/11/09 2:18pm

I've only just woken up from having a simialr sensation and found this having googled it. I am 20 and I'd say that I am quite fit and healthy. This first happened to me about a year ago and if I told my story of what happened I'd be writing word for word what the original poster wrote.


I have learnt that I can stop the sensations by waking myself up with a jolt which is often quite difficult but this never seems to stop it happening again and again once I fall back alseep not long after.


Any further information on this would be much appreciated.

Mason, Community Member
1/11/10 1:38pm

Dont worry this happens to me all the time like last night i was sleeping for awhile next to my girl friend and i woke up then went back into a weird sleepy state that i could put myself into but it would be hard to come out of. I couldnt move at all or talk yet you can see everything in a weird dreamy state its very scary.

James, Community Member
3/ 8/10 3:22pm

Ok, I have had this before and I still do now, I have it everynight...But it would be nice if you guys put in some details like what your doing before it happens as for me I sleep fine through the night Its when I wake up and fall asleep again I know when the sensation happens I am aware My body is awake but my brain isnt..for an example I can control my breathing during these episodes its just as if I am awake..I do not believe in Demons or Spirts or Ghosts I believe It is a mental condition....Your lacking sleep/excersise....tell me what you do all day.

Its also Lack Of Electrolytes and Salt....Your Brain NEEDs these for communication with your body...Your simply out of Sync with your body which is why you cannot move yet your can also be caused by anxiety..I have anxiety and it plays a major role in these Episodes....anxiety makes it so you cannot relax....Before ths happens to me I become aware during a dream then i think about the Problem then it happens....what you all should do is relax sleep is natural you shouldnt worry about it the human mind is very powerful it can make your thoughts come to life literally.....I dont think sleep paralysis plays a part in this, Jerry..Sleep Paralysis is said to be caused during REM Stage of Sleep right? So pretty slim chance of that happening seeing that REM stage Lasts 60-90 minutes and is the last stage of sleep... I understand that If woken up during REM stage and then return sleeping your brain does not follow the normal order of sleep but instead continues REM until finished...Which may be the reason Why i Suffer when i return to sleep....I do not have answers I am simply Saying what I think and know....Good Luck With overcoming your problem...and P.S. 3-4 Jolts Should Wake you up for the people who dislike it.

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