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Tuesday, September 16, 2008 dollface, Community Member, asks

Q: can you take trazodone and percocet together

I am currently taking Trazodone to help me sleep and percocet for pain from recent surgery. Can I mix these two?

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HealthGal, Health Guide
9/17/08 6:41pm

You need to speak to your doctor and pharmacist to decide how the timeing of these two drugs can be arranged so they don't "potentiate" the effect of each other and create a dangerous situation.

Dr. Diana L Walcutt, Health Guide
9/18/08 2:30pm

Hi Dollface:

I am not a physician, but work with many, many chronic pain patients. Most of my patients are on some serious pain meds, including percocet, vicodin and even morphine. Most of them are also on trazodone, or Ambien for sleep. They are often given one or two antidepressants as well.

So, the short answer is, yes. You can mix these two according to the large number of my referring physicians. Percocet is a narcotic/analgesic/anti-fever medication and trazodone is a benzodiazepine that is used for its relaxing, tranquilizing and sleep effects. If you are taking them as directed, these medications in combination, when monitored by your prescribing doctor should be ok.

But ask your doctor this question. If you trust him, then trust his judgment. If not, find a doctor you do trust.


Best of Luck,

Dr. Diana Walcutt


*Dr. Walcutt is a Psychologist. Dr. Walcutt's answers are not intended to diagnose or treat any medical or mental disorder. Any information given in a post about medication is for educational purposes only, and primarily to aid you in having an informed discussion with your own Psychiatrist/Physician.

ctsweetie129, Community Member
8/18/09 8:33pm

Trazodone is not a Benzo.

Cathleen, RN, Community Member
12/28/09 10:59pm

Trazadone is not a benzodiazepine, it is an antidepressant


Cathleen, RN

d3v1ld0g, Community Member
11/22/10 5:39am

I think you need to do some research because I take Trazadone and it says benzo on the bottle.

knee girl, Community Member
5/12/11 1:43am

Cathleen why did a benzo positive show up in my urine and all I was taking was prescribed to me for knee pain and asomia

peter, Community Member
11/22/11 4:19pm

zoloft and trazadone both show up as a benzo in a drug test but they are not benzos if a better test is done for specifics then it wont show up

vaderviper, Community Member
10/11/09 11:46pm

Dr. Walcutt: I feel the need to correct you........trazodone is NOT a benzodiazipine, but rather a tetracyclic ANTIDEPRESSANT. However, it often has the side effect of sleepiness, that is why is is often prescribed to aid in insomnia. As you know, narcotics and benzodiazipines have a depressant effect on the Central Nervous System. The individual you gave advice to may want to check with her Physician before combining any of theses medications.


Stephen Sachs, O.D.


NX, Community Member
1/15/10 10:37pm

Dear Doctor,

I think it is important to correct you the Doctor here, with all due respect.  Trazodone is a psychoactive drug of the piperazine and triazolopyridine chemical classes that has antidepressant, anxiolytic, and hypnotic properties.  It is NOT a BENZODIAZAPAM drug.




e, Community Member
4/13/10 6:31pm

Everything I've read has said that Trazodone is not a benzo and is less addictive than benzos... I think you've provided incorrect information.


Casey McNulty, Health Guide
9/24/08 4:15pm

Hi dollface,


Thank you for your question. If you are new to taking Percocet, it is quite possible that the Percocet will put you to sleep and you won't have any need for the Trazodone. However, if the Percocet isn't putting you to sleep, I would recommend speaking with either the doctor that prescribed the trazodone or the doctor that prescribed the Percocet and making sure that they think it's okay for you to be taking both together.


Best of luck,


Dick Handy, Community Member
3/16/09 11:24pm

I slammed my wang in my car door and have to take pain pills for that.

Mystiq, Community Member
4/17/09 1:18am

TRAZADONE IS NOT A BENZO!!!!!!! You're a doctor?

stacy, Community Member
3/25/10 2:06am

I am on Trazadone.  I had surgery and was sent home with Percocet for pain.  My Dr said I could take them together.  It would probably make me more drowsey.  I did.  What happened was it made me pass out.  I walked into the bathroom and the next thing I remember I was laying on the floor looking up at the cieling.  I got myself to bed, but the next morning the back of my head and shoulder was in alot of pain.  I also noticed I put a big hole in the wall of our bathroom. 

Chris, Community Member
12/11/10 6:16pm

Trazadone worked great for me for many years, as a sleep aid.  I mixed it with many Bipolar different medications.  Traz. was a steady eddy.  I now have gravitated to Klonopin, as I needed something stronger than Trazadone.  

I use website to look up drugs and their interactions.  

There's a feature on the website where you can search on drugs "by condition" (i.e., Bipolar Disorder, Insomnia, etc.).

You can register for this site and enter in your personal record of current and past medications.  The site has a built-in interaction checker.  I've found this site VERY useful on many occasions.  And I have shared it with all of my friends. 


You don't need an internet-doctor, just check first, then confirm it with your human doctor.  Always include human contact with a doctor when you have these concerns.  


I'm not familiar with percocet, as Bipolar sufferers have to stay away from pain-killers ; it makes us manic.


Good Luck,




knee girl, Community Member
5/12/11 1:56am

Is Klonopin a benzo?

knee girl, Community Member
5/12/11 1:38am

Is trazodone a benzo?


Chris, Community Member
11/22/11 9:16pm

I swear by  You register, enter all of your prescriptions, and it provides an interaction checker.  Also, people rate drugs (this is non scientific, but indicates the anti-psychotics that may contribute to weight gain.  I took trazadone with atavan with no issues.

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