• conaleha conaleha
    October 02, 2009
    Jerking awake before falling asleep
    conaleha conaleha
    October 02, 2009

    Just recently (within the last month) I have been having trouble falling asleep easily. I will be just about to fall asleep, and suddenly I notice my eyes are slightly open, my breathing has seemed to seize and I can't seem to move, or at least I think I can't, so I jerk my entire body to wake up. It's uncomfortable and after my heart is racing and this will usually happen a few times before I can fall asleep. This got to its worst last night; every time I would close my eyes I would experience it and falling asleep was extremely difficult. I've researched this online briefly and found similar problems but nothing quite like my problem. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? And does anyone know how I can get this to stop? Thank you



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  • Dee1313 October 09, 2009
    October 09, 2009

    Well just a quick thought if you know this is going to happen, and it seems like your in a state of panic. Try relaxing your body expecting this to happen and try to not react

    to that.

    It does sound easier said then done, but try to relax and you will be able to over come

    your problem

    • mandrakeroot
      December 18, 2009
      December 18, 2009

      I can not give you an answer but i can tell you it happens to me too at least three times a week. I also seem to have developed a severe nocturnal problem. It does not matter how tired I am and starting to pass out while I am sitting up as soon as it gets a little past midnight or closer to one a.m I become wide awake and cannot fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning and the sun is starting to come up. I have even deprived myself of sleep for the whole next day hoping to break the cycle but it does not work. I will still be up all night and crash twice as hard the next morning. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Also I have tried numerous sleep aids and herbal tonics but to no avail, I will still be up for the night I'm just mellowed out almost zoned but definitely not asleep. HELP!

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