• LBonnett LBonnett
    October 02, 2008
    Sleeping is ruining my life!
    LBonnett LBonnett
    October 02, 2008

    Help! I don't know what my problem is but it needs to be fixed and quick!- I oversleep constantly- im always late for work and school and any other appointment because of it- im failing at life- getting fired from jobs- kicked out of classes for school-i sleep right through multiple alarms or i get up in my sleep turn off the alarm without recognizing im doing it cause im still asleep- i have complete conversations with people when im asleep and remember nothing of it the next day-i suffer from clinical depression anyway- maybe a part of it-but im taking meds- im always tired. i function better when working at night but still can sleep over even when ive slept all day- its like my brain disconnects when and because of sleeping-i cant help it- no matter how much i try and tell myself- I AM GOING TO GET UP ON TIME IN THE MORNING- IT DOESNT HAPPEN- i cant wake up- i dont know how else to describe-im a severe procrastinator- always have been but i hate it- i had plenty of sleep studies when i was little but nothing was ever found- im not lazy - i want to get up and be normal and dependable but i just cant- what the hell- HELP me! doctors just act like nothing in wrong with me and nothing can be done-like im irresponsible and just lazy and doing it on purpose- there is nothing farther from the truth- please help me 




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  • MCL
    February 08, 2010
    February 08, 2010

    8 February 2010


    Oversleeping ::

    Reading your post was like reading what *I* have been thinking lately, to ask for help with & medical advice on, for myself!


    - I consistently have a very very difficult time waking up out of my sleep state and getting myself out of bed.

    - I want to get up & do things! To be active during the day! But it is an amazing struggle to actually just WAKE UP & STAY AWAKE - no matter if I've had 6 or 8 or 12 or whatever hours of sleep :P I have a 3 hour cycle, where I can take a nap and be totally out, then exactly 3 hours wake up instantly & easily. But that's only for naps; not actual night sleeping.


    - I'm age 28.

    - I have yeeeeears of experience with this trouble :P

    - It's detrimental to my jobs - I'm late for so many things.

    - I definitely am a procrastinator, but not because I really want to be - I want to get things done! To be "on Time" for mine & everyone else's deadlines & needs & appointments & start times! But Time in and of it's self is a very hard concept for me to maneuver through, apparently. Even in trying to "hurry", I'm not aware of how long it might all take me to get ready or get something done.


    - (since 2005) I take Zoloft for anxiety, but I'm not sure that it has had any affect on my sleeping behaviors or patterns.


    - I've always been more of a "night person" too, as far as my preferred functioning time & creativity & determination to get projects & house chores & things done. But I love being awake during the day, and bright sunny days best, and I can stay awake better if I open my eyes to morning sun coming in.


    - Narcolepsy is falling asleep sporadically - that is *not* my problem.

    - My trouble sounds very much like yours {LBonnett} :: that sleep, when it happens, is such a deep state of being, that it's a challenge to switch back out of it, to the waking world.

    - Additionally, I dream just about every time I fall asleep (naps, day, night, whenever) and dream at a level of detail and physical senses and reality that it contributes to my confusion to differentiate between being "awake" or not. :P


    - I've had employers, friends, and even a few extended-family members who think my "oversleeping" and active dreaming trouble is all just a bunch of BS, and a lame excuse, and that I'm not doing all that I can to get myself to work or to places on Time or what have you..... And all that isn't *at all* encouraging when I'm making active attempts to lead a Life & have jobs & be socially active & socially accepted (at the levels which allow me to *have* my Life) :P

    - I'm actually a very hard worker, with a good work ethic, great communication & people skills - who just happens to struggle with waking up and energy levels!!!


    Recently, I've been thinking about looking into volunteering for sleep study... if I can find one or something, anyways. If I get more info or help, I'll let you know.


    Thank you for posting your plea for help & your descriptions of your troubles... It helps me a little to know that I'm not the only one facing this sort of thing - even though it means that there are other people in the same unfortunate circumstances as me. :/


    Best of luck.



  • Lisa H November 25, 2008
    Lisa H
    November 25, 2008

    Hi LBonnett,


    Wow...reading your posting was like reading what is going on with my daughter right now.  She is 16 and is falling asleep in all her classes, can't wake up in the morning, despite gettting many, many hours sleep the night before. She, too, had a sleep study that was inconclusive a few years ago.  Her teachers are all mad at her and believe she is just lazy and we know she is not.  We are very worried about our daughter as well. 


    But, given all that I have read about her symptoms and the ones you describe, it truly sounds like you have narcolepsy.  Tell me, do you ever had a kind of temporary paralysis when you are falling asleep or are waking up, kind of like you can't move?  Also, do you have crazy, almost hallucinatory dreams?  And, do you ever feel a kind of muscle weakness?  These are some of the things that go along with narcolepsy. 


    If you do have narcolepsy, the only thing they do for it is to prescribe a drug called Provigil.  My daughter took it and it made her heart have palpitations and we had to stop it.  But, it may work for you. 


    I know what you are going through and it can drive any sane person crazy.  I am also looking into natural cures for narcolepsy and will let you know what I find.


    Be well and don't let them tell you you're crazy!


    Lisa H.

  • lori September 07, 2011
    September 07, 2011

    hi imnew on this site and I saw lyour question but you possted it 10-02-08

    im  feeling alot like you described and im wondering if you ever got to the bottom of it


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  • straitchilln September 01, 2011
    September 01, 2011

    hello my sleepy friends. I just woke up and overslept for my class again. Just started school and have had four sessions already and havent made it to a damn one of them because I can't get my ass up.. Well, I think I have found out what our problem is, but I don't know how to ask for help or where to get the help because even my doctor just thinks I am a lazy young adult.


    HYPERSOMNIA-Everyone help me do some research on this topic because it sounds exactly like me and you. Sleeping way too hard at night and for long hours. Not feeling refreshed no matter how much you sleep. Naps last and uncontrollable 3-4 hours and don't make you feel refreshed either. More awake and alert at night. Takes hours upon hours to feel focused during the day. (It took me until 6pm yesterday after waking at 10 to feel wide awake to where I could read my texts.) Please post what you find on here because I think this is the source of our problem. It can start as a teen and work its way into adulthood (this explains why your teen is having so many problems with inconclusive studies). My sleep study showed nothing, even though they saw me sawing logs as loud as possible and im a 26 yr old avg weight female. That can't be normal. wtf!

  • KeetonfF January 14, 2011
    January 14, 2011

    I am in the same boat. I have a great work ethic... when I can wake up and make it to work. I am a procrastinator as well, and I have actually been making a lot of progress with that the past two years. I lost my job of over a year because I just couldn't wake up. Just got a new job, and fuck me oh dear lost it the third day because I couldn't wake up. Both of you mentioned this state of being while you are asleep.... like you are immune to the outside world... I have dreams sometimes that I am actually getting up to my alarm, taking a shower, going to work.... and then I realize that I was only dreaming my day, makes me very confused when I actually get out of this sleep state.


    I have had this problem since about 5th grade... I can remember thats when my attendance started suffering to the point that my teacher gave me an alarm clock. In sixth grade my phone number was posted on the wall by the phone and the teacher would make other kids take turns calling and leaving messages for me to wake up and come to school. I technically failed 8th grade, but was pushed through because my teachers "knew I was smart" but also knew about my sleeping/home troubles. I was a part of the gifted program in elementary school and put on the"smart team" in middle school.


    Not sure if it has anything to do with the problem but I moved around a lot when I was a kid, probably went to 7 or 8 different elementary schools, so i never really made any friends. I have always suffered from some form of mild depression, although I am pretty sure it is mostly seasonal. I live in Anchorage, Alaska, so during our winters we get so little sunlight and this winter has taken a harsh toll on my life. I have been sleeping ridiculous amounts, losing two jobs. good thing I am taking online classes, otherwise I surely would have dropped out due to not being able to make it to class, which has happened before already. Although I am still passing, my grades for my last two classes have definitely suffered.


    On the bad days, I will sleep for 12-16 hours... and then not even have any motivation to do anything at all for my waking hours. laying in bed and our literally staring at walls. I really do not get like this in the summer time though. Not to this degree. Normally I am somewhat of an insomniac.... Its an odd combination; I am an insomniac, but I sleep forever and dead to the world when I do fall asleep. It is so hard to keep a schedule. I am a night owl by nature, so even when I am working a 9-5 I end up staying up till 2-4 or 5 am some nights just because I can't sleep, then I fall asleep and can't wake up.


    I do smoke weed daily, as well as rarely use other recreational drugs, although I do not feel that these play into my sleep problems as I am experiencing all these probnlems sober. Weed honestly used to help me get to sleep, I'd smoke a bowl before bed and it would help me to fall asleep and stay asleep. I might be groggy in the morning if I smoked too much, but at least I slept, and I woke up.


    Things I have considered as possible solutions... I think a big one would be getting physical excersize during the day. Although I have a problem with this because I live in Alaska and right now its like -5F outside, doesn't encourage wanting to go for a run. Snowboarding is expensive, and I can't even afford a gym membership right now cuz I cant keep a job, ugh.

    Anyway, physical excersize, Diet( need to eat well balanced, currently I am eating horribly, fast food is so cheap and easy, but not nutritious)Different alarm sounds... I notice I wake up to different ringers on my phone easier than I can waking up to the same sound every morning, its like I get used to it and can tune it out or something. I also do not have this problem as bad when I am sleeping with a lover. Currently we are on a break, but when I stayed the night with her, I could wake up easier, and plus she would wake up cuz of my alarm and make sure I was awake. When I am alone, its like... I'm addicted to sleep, like nothing else matters. All reason and logic go out the window, I can remember hitting snooze every now and then, but I don't know why I am doing that, because I know I need to wake up and do the things I need and want to do, but sleep is like a master override switch... I feel like I am a sleep junky. I am pretty sure my mom had sleep problems too, she is passed away now so I can't really find out more about that.


    I am just now starting to search for information on this, came across this and wanted to throw my 2cents in, even though its a couple years old. I know I said a lot, but just trying to find common factors to figure out why this is happening, partyl to help anyone else, partly just to help sort it out for myself. good luck to anyone reading this.

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