• Understanding Sleep Disorders
    Find links to information on insomnia, narcolepsy, sleep apnea or general sleeping problems.
  • Sleep Problems
    Many conditions can be a cause for sleeping disorders. Review these guides to find out what may be keeping you awake at night or making you tired during the day.
  • Does Your Child Have a Sleep Disorder?
    Learn more about the symptoms you should look for if you think your child might have a sleep disorder.
  • How Good Food Makes You Feel Great and Helps You Sleep
    Learn why healthy food makes you feel better in every aspect of your life, including your sleep cycle.
  • Resolutions for the Sleep Impaired
    For the sleep deprived, whether that lack of sleep comes from a sleep disorder, work schedule or poor sleep hygiene, a plan to get more sleep will definitely improve the quality of life.
  • Sleepy Teens
    Sleep habits in teenagers can seem baffling, but actually there is rhyme and reason to it all. As teens reach adolescence, their hormonal activity actually changes their internal clock and in turn throws off their sleep patterns.  Read on to find out more about why this happens and how to manage it.
  • Check a Symptom
    What is considered normal? When should you be concerned? Check a symptom with our symptom checker, if you have not already been diagnosed. It will tell you exactly what to look for and when a trip to the doctor is in order.
  • Day and Night: Why We Sleep When We Do
    We left off talking about the circadian rhythm and how it is primarily regulated by light during the day, helping us be more alert, and conversely by melatonin at night, making us feel sleepy.  This can actually help define what type of person you are- either a lark (those who are always “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed” first thing in the morning), or an owl (people who “do their best work after 10 PM”). 
  • A Doctor's Top Five Secrets for Good Sleep
    Anyone who has tossed and turned in bed for hours knows that it is extremely frustrating not to be able to fall asleep.  Naturally, your first response to sleep problems may be a search for the best "sleep drug."  However, many people do not require a medical sleep aid on a regular basis to obtain a good night of sleep. 
  • Treatment
    Prevention of sleeplessness depends upon the patient's ability to learn how to relax and sleep well. A number of behavioral methods are aimed at achieving these goals. Behavioral techniques can actually cure chronic insomnia and studies report their effectiveness in nearly all patients with primary chronic insomnia.
  • Drug Information
    Once you’ve been diagnosed with a sleep disorder, your doctor may prescribe a specific drug regimen. Below you’ll find a list of common drugs prescribed for such disorders with links to information about how to take them, interactions with other medications and common side effects.
  • Sleep Disorders Message Boards
    Make a connection, ask a question, share a concern, give advice or just chat. Our message boards connect you with a community of people who understand where you’re coming from and what you’re going through.
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