How to Cope With RLS

Republished with the permission of the National Sleep Foundation

The following are some tips for coping with RLS:

  • Don't hide your symptoms -- talk to your friends, family, and colleagues about RLS so they know what to expect
  • Practice yoga, Pilates, or other stretching techniques regularly, preferably late in the day
  • Arrange your schedule to be able to sleep when your symptoms are least pronounced
  • Choose an aisle seat at the movies or on airplanes so that you are able to move around if necessary
  • Plan travel hours when symptoms are least severe and allow times for breaks

There are also a number of RLS support groups around the country and they can help you learn new information about how others cope with RLS. For a list of such groups, go to or

Reviewed by Richard P. Allen, Ph.D.and Merrill M. Mitler, Ph.D., May 2005.

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