11 Must Have Items to Keep Close By If You Have Psoriasis

Alisha Bridges | Oct 25, 2016 Aug 17, 1993

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Check out these items everyone with psoriasis can benefit from. Do you have any other suggestions? Share them on our Facebook page.

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Mini lint roller

Those with psoriasis shed skin excessively, especially those with scalp psoriasis. Many people with the disease have stated that they avoid wearing dark colors due to flakes appearing noticeably on clothing due to psoriasis. I keep a mini lint roller close by to roll off flakes from my clothing or surrounding areas such as my car seat.

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Hand sanitizer

Whether you have psoriasis or not, hand sanitizer is a great item to keep handy. But if you are a person like me who is on a biologic that suppresses the immune system, hand sanitizer is essential to keeping the germs away.

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Mini first aid kit

Psoriasis can cause a person to have really itchy, dry, and inflamed skin. There have been times where I’ve scratched so hard I broke skin only to find a stream of blood rolling down my leg. I’m sure others can relate. I keep a mini first aid kit filled with antibiotic cream, Band-Aids, and alcohol wipes for those moments where I scratch a bit too hard.

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Stain eraser pen

Speaking of scratching, have you ever done so, didn’t realize you were bleeding, and the next thing you know, your clothing is stuck to your skin? This has happened to me before, especially when wearing stockings. I would suggest keeping a stain eraser pen close by so you can get rid of blood spots fast.

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Eye drops

According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, seven percent of people with psoriasis will develop uveitis, which is inflammation of the eye. This condition can cause the eyes to dry out. If you have been experiencing the inability to create tears, if you’ve ever feel like there is grit in your eye, or your vision is blurry, you might suffer from the problem. Talk to your doctor, who will test you and prescribe eye drops with steroids.

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This is kind of a no-brainer, but I keep hand lotion around at all times. I keep it in my car, purse, around the house. I can’t have enough, especially in the winter time.

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Mini car vacuum

There have been times I’ve entered my car only to find a heavy layer of flakes that I accidently and unknowingly left behind. It’s a good idea to have a mini car vacuum that has a plug compatible with your car for those moments that flakes get loose.

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Volunteer cards

I like to keep a stack of volunteer cards on me at all times. These cards have the NPF logo, my name, email, telephone number, and volunteer title. These are good to have handy because you never know when you might meet another fellow psoriasis “conqueror” or a parent who needs additional support or resources.

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Thirty percent of people with psoriasis will develop psoriatic arthritis. If you are three out of the 10 people who will encounter this issue, it’s good to keep a bottle of aspirin handy for any aches or pains you may encounter throughout the day. Be sure to consult with your doctor about aspirin and how it effects other medicines you might be taking. And never exceed the recommended amount found on the bottle.

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A jacket

There have been times where I decided to be bold and go without a jacket, showing my spots to the world. Sometimes I can do it comfortably and sometimes I can’t. It really depends on my mood, atmosphere, and comfort level. There have been times where I’ve suffered from anxiety attacks because I decided to bare it all but couldn’t take the attention. This is why I now keep a jacket handy.

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A zipped pouch

If you carry a purse everything minus the jacket will fit inside, but if you are a person like me or a guy who doesn’t carry a purse, a clear zipped pouch would suffice. You can find them for super cheap at a dollar store or Walmart. Place all the items above inside and keep the pouch in your car.

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