7 Ways to Manage Stress with Psoriasis

Jacqueline Ho | Oct 23rd 2014 Apr 10th 2017

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Many people living with psoriasis get caught in a cycle of stress. Some report that having high stress may worsen psoriasis symptoms or lead to flare-ups. In turn, living with psoriasis symptoms can increase stress, and the cycle continues. So it’s all the more important for people with psoriasis to learn how to incorporate stress management techniques into their everyday lives.

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Get enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep is detrimental to anyone’s health. For people with psoriasis, not getting enough sleep can increase stress levels and that can make the condition worse. If you have difficulty sleeping, try sticking to a set schedule every day and avoid using electronics or engaging in heavy physical activity an hour or two before bed.

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Seek treatment

While there is currently no cure for psoriasis, there are many treatments that can help patients manage the condition. No one treatment works for everyone so it is up to individuals to work with their doctors to determine what works best for them. Being able to manage psoriasis symptoms can be a huge stress relief.

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Find support

People living with psoriasis may feel isolated and believe that no one understands what they are going through; this can lead to feelings of loneliness or even depression. If it’s difficult getting what you need emotionally from friends or family, try joining a support group. It will allow you to share similar experiences and get encouragement from others.

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Some studies have shown that people who regularly exercise may have a reduced risk of developing psoriasis. For people who have already been diagnosed, exercise can help improve mood, boost energy levels and improve sleep quality. Find an activity that you enjoy, such as biking, running or swimming.

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Yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation go hand in hand. Practicing yoga can help the body relax, while meditating can help clear the mind of worry and anxiety. Focus on breathing slowly and deeply and rejecting any distracting thoughts. Just 10 or 15 minutes a day may be all it takes to start seeing benefits.

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Find a doctor you trust

It can be a huge source of stress if you don’t see eye-to-eye with your doctor or feel he or she isn’t giving you the most helpful information. See whether anyone you know has a good recommendation and be willing to shop around until you find a doctor you trust. Building a strong relationship with your doctor can also help you in the long run, as he or she will be familiar with your medical history.

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A busy schedule is likely to stress anyone out, but for people with psoriasis, taking on too much can lead to not only stress, but worsened symptoms. It may be helpful to write down daily tasks and responsibilities in a planner, rather than trying to keep everything in your head. If you feel like you’re taking on too much, learn to say no to unnecessary events.

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