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Social Networks Affecting Your Health

Submitted by on January 5, 2011 – 8:00 am6 Comments
Connected Happy Faces Among Sad Faces

photo by Radar Communication

My friend, Mark Hawker, hipped me to this amazing Nicholas Christakis TED talk called: The hidden influence of social networks that will be 18 minutes of your life well spent. I get that anybody who looks at Facebook’s latest valuation knows that social networks are “powerful.” But Nicholas Christakis dives into the individual’s network architecture and its very real effects on health based on third and even fourth level connections. Where you are in the overall network has a lot to do with your physical and mental dispositions, and seeing is believing as Christakis goes through 30 years of relational network visualizations… a feat that took five years worth of effort to put together.

Would love to hear what you think:

picture by Radar Communication

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  • Dr. Susannah says:

    Amazing. I’m definitely a ‘C’ – the more complex and connected the web around me, the better I like it. My husband, however, is a ‘B’ Few friends, network not connected, and easily dismantled. Makes for a spicy network of two. ;D

  • Tattooing says:

    After i open up your RSS feed it throws up a lot of weird text, may be the problem on my reader?

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