The Midlife Gals

We all know the trials and tribulations of kicking the smoking habit, but who said you couldn't laugh while trying? Check out these hilarious-- and curiously helpful--posts and videos for support, and boost your desire to stay smoke-free!

Video: The Formidable Smoking Section

Watch out for the SSB (Stop Smoking Brigade!)

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The Midlife Gals: Stories with Sass

  • What Smoking CAN'T Cause
    "I’ve discovered that smoking does NOT cause good judgment.  I used to think it caused good judgment, but why would I be smoking if that were true," writes KK. "There’s just no way to win as a smoker...It was my one true addiction." 
  • Teen Smoking: Are Movie Characters to Blame?
    "Here is something I find interesting.  How can ‘research’ show that 200,000 teens start smoking every year because of characters smoking in the movies they like?" writes SalGal. "I wonder what would happen if in movies from now on only nerds and trash collectors were shown smoking.  Then would teens want to do it too?" Read on.