The Big Picture

It's said that photos don't lie, but for people living with a health condition, one image may not tell the whole story.

What I tried to train myself to do is to not let the psoriasis really bother me too much. I did the normal things of covering up and treating the spots that were visible. But for the most part, I just didn't let it bother me.
Huy Ngo
Psoriasis Patient
Photographer: Austin Cope
My psoriasis was just something I was really embarrassed of. It was everywhere; on my legs, on my torso, on my back, and then even my arms. I wanted to hide it all the time. I would pick my clothes based on it, and it would affect pretty much all my choices.
Amanda Rosa
Psoriasis Patient
Photographer: Lisa Muller
There were several times where I didn't want to go to school. We even considered homeschooling at one point, because I was having such a hard time. But then, at the same time, I had a really good circle of friends that were a good support group and support system while I was dealing with people that weren't so nice.
Kaitlin Martin
Psoriasis Patient
Photographer: Thomas Van Veen
I hated it because it made me feel like an outsider, it made me feel just gross. It destroyed my self-confidence and it made me super insecure. It was a vicious circle. Weeping eczema appeared all over my hands, and those were the tiny pustules that erupted and dried up my skin and set off psoriasis.
Morgan Cefalu
Psoriasis Patient
Photographer: Jonathan Washer
I just needed a way to find something that was my own in my own time that represented me and that's when I started creating things. I needed to have something that was genuinely me, that made me recharge and made me...just made me happier.
Alyssa Galloway
Psoriasis Patient
Photographer: Thomas Van Veen
It was just a few spots on my shin. I thought, whatever, a couple of rashes here and there. And then it just progressed and started getting worse, and I thought ‘this is not good. In the wintertime, it’s a little worse. It was enough to make me self-conscious about it and make me pull my sleeves down a little bit more.
PJ Blackford
Psoriasis Patient
Photographer: DRAKEphoto
They say we don't hurt but we know what we go through. Because there's some people, they say, ‘Oh, psoriasis doesn't hurt. It's just your skin peeling.’ No, it's not just your skin peeling. It's like also an infection in your skin and inside your body.
Adriana Pena Carmona
Psoriasis Patient
Photographer: Jerrell Trulove
I didn't work for two-and-a-half years, and I basically had to learn how to do everything again because it weakened my body and my walking, so I had a cane for a while. And literally, in like a couple of days, I went from like being healthy and walking and fine to I couldn't walk. The pain was just extreme. It would take me 10 minutes just to walk to the bathroom.
Jessica Howard
Psoriasis Patient
Photographer: Lizzy Sullivan
As long as I can remember, I knew I wanted to be a musician.
Ben Tiberio
Psoriasis Patient
Photographer: Heather Funk
Many people said, ‘I feel this sculpture. I know how this feels. I know this posture, this feeling of just...’ I don't know, this introverted, maybe depressed, just that feeling you get when your body is not cooperating, and you don't have a choice, you know?
Valeri Trombley
Photographer: Bryan Mitchell