Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Hand Pain

Sorry to hear you have hand pain.

The goal of this guide is to provide information while awaiting evaluation with your doctor, or for additional information after you have seen him or her. Please keep in mind that this guide is not intended to replace a face-to-face evaluation with your doctor.

Hand pain may develop for a number of reasons -- fracture and infection are among the most serious while sprains and strains are among the most common. There are rare causes of symptoms that will not be included here and would require more detailed evaluation than this guide can provide.

Certain symptoms suggest a serious cause of hand pain that requires prompt attention. It's important to ask questions about these symptoms first.

Did your pain start following significant injury, such as a fall or an auto accident?

dash  Yes, my pain began after a significant injury.
dash  No, my pain did not begin after a significant injury

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