Alternative Treatments for Living Well with Multiple Sclerosis

Published 01/11/13


Some alternative options you can consider to help you feel better while living with multiple sclerosis.


Hi. My name is Michael Gerber and I'm an advocate for living well with Multiple Sclerosis. Today, I'd like to talk about alternative treatments for living with MS. Having and maintaining a positive attitude will help reduce stress perhaps more than anything else you can do. But there are other alternative treatments as well. Let me talk to you about acupuncture. Acupuncture, although medical science cannot prove how acupuncture works, some patients have reported positive results using it to mitigate certain symptoms of MS, such as symptoms of pain, muscle spasms, or bladder control problems. I can tell you from personal experience that when going through a relapse MS, I've had very positive experiences with acupuncture. Consider it. See if it works for you. There are several diets prescribed for people living with MS. There are several reasons why you should diet. One is health and nutrition. The other is to lose weight. Low fat, high fiber diets, that seems to be the prescription in terms of living well with Multiple Sclerosis. I changed my diet. I lost over 40 pounds, and I feel better. When talking about alternative treatments for Multiple Sclerosis, it's important that you be wary of snake oil salesman. If they offered real cures, we would know about it. It would be known. It would be on the news. It would be generally provided information to all people living with Multiple Sclerosis, so be wary of snake oil salesman. There are a lot of treatments out there that may provide some temporary relief, but perhaps not long-term relief. Talk to your doctor. Talk to your neurologist. If they're a good doctor, they should be willing to have these conversations with you, and they should be willing to consider alternative treatments, other alternative treatments that may be beneficial for you. Find, explore, try different treatments, and find what works for you. But do it with the help and advice of your doctor, because some alternative treatments may actually work contrary to what you're looking to accomplish with your main treatments, with your main MS drugs. That's how I see it as an MS advocate. Reach out to your local service provider or Google "alternative treatments for living with Multiple Sclerosis" and make it a great day.

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