Early Signs of Multiple Sclerosis

Published 01/11/13


Some early symptoms of MS include vision and bladder problems. Sometimes there are no symptoms. Learn more about the early signs of MS and how to work together with your doctor to get an accurate diagnosis.


Hi. My name is Michael Gerber, and I'm an advocate for living well with MS. Today, I'd like to talk about the early signs of MS. A diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis will require an MRI. But most doctors do not send you for an MRI at the first sign of a symptom of what could be Multiple Sclerosis. Optic neuritis, or vision problems, may be a great indicator, and many doctors today are familiar with optic neuritis, and that is an early sign of Multiple Sclerosis. So they'll do further investigation. For many others, it could take years to get a diagnosis. It's why the phrase, "You have Sclerosis," is often followed by, "and you've probably had it for five or ten years." Multiple Sclerosis can be hard to diagnose. If you think you've got early signs of Multiple Sclerosis, push your doctor. Push your doctor to do more research and more tests. Other symptoms may be less indicative of Multiple Sclerosis. Maybe bladder problems, numbness in the hands and feet, or legs and arms. They can be harder to tell, but pursue these symptoms with your doctor, and insist on getting an MRI if you feel that there's more going on within your body today. Initially symptoms may come and go. That also may be a sign of Multiple Sclerosis. That's how I see it as an advocate for Multiple Sclerosis. Reach out. Reach out to your local service providers or go to Google and search "early signs of Multiple Sclerosis". Thank you so much, and make it a great day.

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