Home Modifications for Multiple Sclerosis

Published 01/11/13


There's a lot of equipment available to help you live better at home when you have MS. Learn some helpful tips and changes you can make to make your day-to-day life at home easier.


Hi. My name is Michael Gerber, and I'm an advocate for living well with multiple sclerosis. Today, I'd like to talk about modifying your home to make it easier to live with multiple sclerosis. There is a lot of equipment available to those of us living with multiple sclerosis to make getting round your home easier. There's cane, grab bars which are very inexpensive and very, very good to have around. There's wheelchairs, ramps, walkers. There's all kinds of tools that are available to us. Talk to your occupational therapist or physical therapist about what may work well for you. Another simple change is to think about a chair for your shower. Avoid falls at all costs; avoid falls. A shower chair is an easy way to make sure you're not falling the shower. For many of us living with MS, getting dressed can be a challenge. Get a chair with arms. Wear loose- fitting clothes that are easy to put on. There are some simple changes that you can make that will make getting dressed easier to do. Air conditioning: MS can be aggravated when you're overheated. If you can do it, whether it's a window air conditioner or central air conditioning, put it in. Make your home more comfortable. Make it easier for you to live inside your own home, because the temperature's cool enough for you to maintain all your abilities. That's how I see it as an advocate for MS. Talk to your local support group, or Google "modifying your home for living well with multiple sclerosis". Thank you, and make it a great day.

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