Lifestyle tips with Multiple Sclerosis

Published 01/17/13


Lisa Emrich teaches us about Accomodations available for individuals with MS.


When you think of accommodations, what comes to mind? Do you think of talking to your boss and asking for a desk which is more ergonomically situated? Or perhaps a new chair or new keyboard? Or maybe relocating your desk near the bathroom, or even having handrails added in the bathroom? These are possible things that can be changed at work that shouldn't interfere with anybody else. Perhaps what you need, also if you have fatigue, is a little extra time in the afternoons, maybe a quiet place to go to just to catch a quick nap. Sometimes that's something that can be done to help keep in the workforce. Also, if you're having trouble walking or with your balance, perhaps you need to adapt to your changing abilities and use a cane. Also accommodations that come to my mind are things like a shower chair, or things that you can do in your kitchen to help. Vickie has written several posts on these topics, and I'm going to link to those down below. It's an important part of making sure that you can stay active for as long as possible, and to also enjoy your life. So when the time comes, please go ahead and ask and see what can be done, and have things at home that make it easier to make your life also more enjoyable. If there's anything else that you can think of that we haven't covered, please add that as well. Because I'm sure there are many things that haven't even come to my mind, because I've not faced it yet. But if you have, you might be able to tell your story. I look forward to reading those stories. So please put them out there and share them with the rest of us. Thanks. Bye.

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