Multiple Sclerosis Advocacy

Published 01/17/13


Lisa Emrich informs us about Multiple Sclerosis Advocacy opportunities.


Hi. March is coming to an end, which means the end of MS Awareness and Education Month. Well, that doesn't mean that our education ends or our awareness ends. But it'd be really great if we could extend this further into the rest of the year, perhaps help spread a little bit of awareness to those around you, within your own community. Tell your stories. Let other people know what it's like for you to live with MS. That's the only way that we can get the wider population to understand what it means to live with a chronic illness such as MS, and the challenges face, also the things we're able to do. Those are important to talk about as well. So I encourage you to get out there, continue sharing your stories. Also continue to support each other. That's very important. I need the support, and I know every person who comes to this website also needs the same support. You might come for information, but when we make that connection, patient- to-patient that is really what is most valuable. So I hope just because March is over, our fun won't end. Please, continue participating here and sharing stories. I look forward to reading them. I really do. I hope you have a great April, and May, and June, and the rest of the year. I'll talk to you later. Bye.

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