Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

Published 01/17/13




So you think you might have MS? Well, getting a diagnosis is not always an easy process. For some rare people, they have one attack, and they go in, have an MRI, see lots of lesions, and can find evidence that something has happened before, and Bingo. They come out of a hospital with an MS diagnosis. Well, for some of us, it takes much longer. The criteria has changed over the years, but there are two elements that always remain. There must be evidence of a demyelinating event, which occurs two different points in time and in two different locations of the central nervous system. There are different ways that the testing can try to show evidence. There are different tests that can be done, and the biggest one is the MRI scan itself, usually done with a contrast agent that they inject into your vein, so that that shows up active lesions. So, if you're in the process of looking for a diagnosis, don't give up hope. For me, it took many years. Next week, I'm going to share my diagnosis story with you, and it began over ten years ago. So stick around, and hopefully you will share your diagnosis story with the rest of us.

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