Multiple Sclerosis Exercise Recommendations

Published 03/16/11


Learn about the best exercises you can do to improve your body's health and flexibility while living with multiple sclerosis.


Hi. My name is Michael Gerber and today I'd like to talk about living healthy with Multiple Sclerosis. Specifically, we're going to talk about the best exercises for living with Multiple Sclerosis. Before deciding on an exercise regime, be sure to consider your interests, fitness level, and expectations. Water exercises can be fantastic, because in the water you've got less pressure on your body. You can do more in the water than people can often do on land. So consider water exercises. Yoga has become an important exercise in the MS world. It's a great way of stretching, of keeping your muscles in tone, of staying healthy, and Consider a yoga program, and there are many great videos on yoga that are available to people with Multiple Sclerosis. Another popular exercise is resistance training with bands, simple stretching bands. Tied around the legs or using them with your arms can be a great exercise for maintaining muscle strength while you're living with Multiple Sclerosis. I feel strongly that one of the most important exercises you can do is keep your core strong. It'll help you more than you realize with walking, sitting up, and doing so many other things in life, just by keeping your core or your gut strong. So if you can do sit-ups or a form of sit-up, do them. It'll be important to you in your future. The important thing is to listen to your body and don't overdo it, and that's how I see it as an MS advocate. Reach out to your local service provider or Google "exercises for people living with MS" and you'll find a lot more information. Thank you and make it a great day.

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