Multiple Sclerosis Preparing For Your Doctors Visit

Published 01/17/13


Lisa Emrich describes her experiences with Doctors and her MS.


Hi. Today I'd like to talk about going to visit your doctor. There are several things that I do to prepare in advance, and one of them is to make a sheet that I print out from my computer, and on that sheet I include the date and the name of the doctor. That's the first step. I include all the medications that I'm taking, or all the prescriptions that I have that maybe I use just as needed. I include the dosage and the frequency. I include the reason of that visit of that day, if it's a follow-up or if it's something new, or the reason is. I also include what is concerning me at the time. Is there something new going on? Are there new symptoms? Are there new problems? I also include what's ongoing since the last time, or maybe what resolved? So I can have a record of how things are changing. Often my doctor keeps a copy of this sheet to put into my file, and then we can both reference what I've said the previous time. I also list a few questions. I try to think ahead of time of what's on my mind and what I'd like to know about, and sometimes I even just want to ask my doctor about the latest research. If there's time, then he'll talk about it with me, which is great. When you're new with MS, or maybe you're going through the diagnosis process, it's very important to take somebody with you to your visits. Having an extra set of ears is invaluable. This other person can listen and can ask questions if need be. They can take notes for you. Even better, perhaps take a tape recorder and record the visit, and you can listen back to it later. If you ever have questions, please feel free to contact your doctor later, because part of their job is also to help educate you so that you know what's going on. Part of your job is to also educate yourself and let your doctor know what is going on. Working together, you guys can help to manage your health and your MS and hopefully manage it for the better. So, prepare in advance for your doctor's visit, and hopefully you'll make the most of your 15 minutes.

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