Racism is a Public Health Crisis

Racism’s Threat to Public Health

Our Race to Health columnist, Kenrya Rankin, talks to public health expert Dr. Regina Davis Moss about how racism impacts health.

By Kenrya Rankin

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More Than Skin Deep

Diagnosed with psoriasis, these artists, musicians, dancers, and chefs have found beauty in unexpected places.

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This Teenager Is Stronger Than Her Juvenile Arthritis

Instead of holding her back, Mariah Aquino-Truss's juvenile arthritis has only propelled her forward.

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Living With Crohn's Disease: My Story

"I've learned to fight for what I want."

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You beat your melanoma. Hooray! But now what? Get clear on what’s in store after surviving this serious form of skin cancer.

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9 Tips for Managing OA in the Winter

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What Your Poop Reveals About Your Health

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Why You Should Ask for a Treat-to-Target Approach for Your UC

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9 Things That Can Make Your PsA Pain Worse

Everyday habits, other health conditions, and even dry skin can up the discomfort factor of psoriatic arthritis.

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8 Inspiring Social Media Accounts to Help JIA Kids Feel Connected

Having arthritis as a tween or teen can be isolating. Help your kid connect with these online JIA warriors.

By Amy Marturana Winderl

Featured Health Advocates

Lene Andersen, MSW
Patient Advocate

Lene Andersen is an author, health and disability advocate, and photographer. She lives with rheumatoid arthritis.

Mike Veny
Mike Veny
Patient Advocate

Mike Veny is one of the world’s leading mental health speakers and a high-energy corporate drumming event facilitator.

Mary Shomon
Patient Advocate

Mary Shomon is a patient advocate and bestselling author on thyroid disease, diabetes, weight loss and hormonal health.

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What should your next steps be now that your cancer has spread? Learn how to get your needs met by your family, friends, and community; how to communicate with your care team; and what the future holds.

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A Healthier, Happier Future With Psoriasis

How do you find love with psoriasis? How do you handle awkward questions or assumption? It all comes down to self confidence, our patient experts say. Here's how to boost yours.

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The latest wisdom on how to manage lung cancer, including insights from caregivers and survivors.