hormonal birth control

10 Facts About Hormonal Birth Control and Your Health

From pills to patches, this is what every woman needs to know right now.

By Marjorie Korn

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She Became a Top Ballerina...and Had No Idea She Had AS

People with ankylosing spondylitis don't usually become professional dancers. Alicia Graf Mack did that and more.

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One Woman's Secret to Living Fully—and Freely—With RA

HealthCentral's patient advocate Lene Andersen shares what it means to live a #NoLimits life with rheumatoid arthritis.

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How One Woman Found Freedom From RA

When rheumatoid arthritis threatened to lock up her life. Teresa D'Angelo found an escape. Get ready for some #HappyTears!

New and Noteworthy

A woman covers her eye with her hand at the eye doctor.

How Rheumatoid Arthritis Could Affect Your Eyes

If you live with rheumatoid arthritis, it’s important to visit the ophthalmologist each year to look for these eye conditions.

By Lisa Emrich
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How StomaphyX Revision Surgery Could Help with Weight Loss

Many people ask me about my StompahyX revision surgery, which I had in 2008 some 5-years after my gastric bypass weight-loss surgery in 2003. People are particularly interested in my experience on the day of surgery and my experience in the weeks fol...

By Cheryl Ann Borne
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Why Behavior Changes May Be Sign of Dementia

You often hear about a midlife crisis when a person’s behavior changes radically. But in some cases, what’s going on is not a midlife crisis, but instead a form of dementia. According to an article entitled “When Character Crumbles” in the November/D...

By Dorian Martin
Poached egg and avocado toast.

How Much Cholesterol Is OK on a Low-Cholesterol Diet?

So, how much cholesterol can you have per day on a low cholesterol diet? This is a pretty common question for anyone who has been told to lower their cholesterol levels. Firstly, let me say that cholesterol naturally occurs in all parts of the body, ...

By Melanie Thomassian
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These Tanning-Bed Users Were Diagnosed with Melanoma

Our mission on both MySkinCareConnection and SkinCancerConnection is to give you the facts you need to make wise choices about your skin. One of the more controversial topics we discuss on our skin sites is about the use of tanning beds. We get a lot ...

By Anne Windermere
Mild, Moderate and Severe Depression: Telling the Difference

The Difference Between Mild, Moderate, and Severe Depression

Match symptoms you may be experiencing to see what next steps you should take.

By Jerry Kennard, Ph.D.

Featured Health Advocates

Lene Andersen, MSW
Patient Advocate

Lene Andersen is an author, health and disability advocate, and photographer. She lives with rheumatoid arthritis.

Mike Veny
Mike Veny
Patient Advocate

Mike Veny is one of the world’s leading mental health speakers and a high-energy corporate drumming event facilitator.

Mary Shomon
Patient Advocate

Mary Shomon is a patient advocate and bestselling author on thyroid disease, diabetes, weight loss and hormonal health.

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A strong doctor-patient bond can make the difference in getting clear skin with psoriasis. Here's how to make — and keep — the relationship humming.

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