06/18/07 #6 - Triptans, Zoloft, and serotonin syndrome?

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I am a 59 year old female with a history of migraine headaches. I have found great success with Imitrex Nasal spray, giving me only a stiff neck afterwards. Now I have Chronic Fatigue and am on 100mg of Zoloft and 25 mg of trazodone to sleep. My psychiatrists says I can't use Imitrex with the Zoloft because I might get serotonin syndrome. I did use it before when I was on 50 mg of Zoloft. I can quit the trazodone and find other sleep medications if I can use the 100 mg of Zoloft and the Imitrex. If not, I'm stuck with other pain killers that are a drag and don't work that well. What is your opinion on my dilemma? Thank you, Anna.


Dear Anna;

Serotonin syndrome is very rare, but we get this question frequently. It would also be advantageous to have your psychiatrist consult with the doctor who treats your Migraines.

Good luck,
John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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