1 in 4 Vacations Leads to ER Visit

If you're planning a vacation this holiday season or a mid-winter getaway, take note. According to a new study conducted by Orlando Health—which is located in one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world—one in four vacations includes an unexpected trip to the emergency room.

Many vacationers who end up needed emergency medical care were sick or injured before their trip, but don't want to cancel their plans. Others don't speak up when they first become ill and end up getting worse, because they don't want to ruin the trip for others in their party. Overdoing it on vacation is another common culprit—heat and humidity, too much time on the slopes, overeating and/or overdrinking, etc. all can take their toll.

Make sure to carry all your insurance cards and important health information with you on vacation—especially if you have a chronic condition. Contact your insurance company or review your policy to make sure you’ll be covered on your trip. Refill prescriptions before you leave and consider buying travel insurance.

Image Credit: Thinkstock

Sourced from: News-Medical.net