10 Common Triggers of Migraines - A HealthCentral Infographic

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One of the most important issues about migraine management that we can't discuss too much is migraine trigger identification and management. There are a few reasons why we can't discuss this issue too much:

  • Some migraine triggers can be avoided. Since avoiding those triggers can mean avoiding a significant number of Migraine attacks, let's keep discussing them.

  • When we realize we've encountered a trigger we can be better prepared for a migraine attack. If we encounter one of those triggers, we know it's not a good time to drive, and we can have our migraine medications ready.

  • For some of us, trigger identification and management can translate to or needing less or even no preventive treatment. Who wouldn't love that?

To give us a handy reference and reminder of some of the most common migraine triggers, our fabulous team has prepared a Lifestyle Tips infographic - 10 Common Triggers of Migraines, which you can see below. If you click on the infographic below, it will take you to a larger version that's suitable for printing and posting somewhere in your home or office. There's also a link printed at the bottom of the infographic that will take you to our article with more possible triggers listed, _Common Migraine Triggers _.

We hope you find the infographic helpful. If you have comments on it OR on triggers, or if you have suggestions for future infographics, please click on the comment below, and share them with us!

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