10 Migraine and Health Affirmations

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You and I both know that living with migraine disease isn't easy. A friend of mine says, "Migraines aren't for wimps," and she's right. Right now, my migraine management is pretty good, but for how long? Treatments can stop working, and that's happened to me before. So, as we start this new year, I've been writing affirmations on note cards and pinning them to the bulletin board in my office.

Dictionary.com defines an affirmation as, "something that is affirmed; a statement or proposition that is declared to be true." They're often used to help people achieve goals, stay focused on the positive, and more. Today, I share some of my 2016 affirmations for migraine health with you.

Greeting each new day with hope and positivity prepares me to meet the challenges of the day, including migraines.

I care about myself and my health and realize there are times when my needs must come before those of others if I am to be able to attend to the needs of others at all.

Every new treatment is a potentially successful treatment, so I approach them with hope and a positive attitude.

I release the guilt I sometimes feel because my migraines don't allow me to do everything I feel I need to do.

It's perfectly acceptable and healthy to "vent" about a problem as long as I follow that by taking proactive steps to solve the problem.

I give thanks for the people in my life who love and support me during trying times with my migraines.

I approach my appointments with my doctor as an engaged, educated treatment partner, willing to be responsible for and take charge of my health.

Being increasingly aware of my body makes me better able to recognize a migraine in its early phases so my treatments work more effectively.

Sharing information about migraine with others is my responsibility and honor as it will reduce the stigma and make life easier for all of us.

My life with migraine is going to become better and easier because of the advances being made in research.

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