10 Sexy Gifts to Give Your Partner


EDITOR'S NOTE: This is an updated version of a post orginally submitted by Andy Valdez for HealthCentral.

Birthdays and holidays are great opportunities to let your partner know you really care -- about your sex life that is. According to Dr. Marvin Stone, a certified sex therapist who practices in Houston, Texas, the key to erotic gifts is "to know the fantasies of the person you are trying to turn on."

However, there is the potential of being too naughty. "A lot of thought has to be put into an erotic or sexy gift to work the best not just for you, but for both of you to benefit," Stone said.

To help you out, here is a list of the top 10 sexiest gifts, guaranteed to make this a memorable season for any couple:

  • Massage oil. Massages stand alone in the world of sexiness. They are intimate and they give you the opportunity to touch the object of your desire the way that you want. Throw in a little oil and the temperature rises. Check out the wonderful products of Kama Sutra. For $30, you can surprise your lover with a gift pack of five Kama Sutra aromatic oils. They are non-greasy and sure to ease your partner's muscles and mind, among other things.
  • Poetry. It's the perfect gift for the guy or girl who appreciates a good verse. Good poetry can turn anyone's mood romantic and generate a night of lyrical passion. Andy Peccetti, 24-year-old engineering student considers Pablo Neruda's book of sonnets to be the sexiest gift imaginable. "Poetry can say so many things," he said. Peccetti says the gift is better if it is original, but what it communicates is what matters most. "Pablo turns me on and there's nothing better than shared appreciation," he said of the Chilean poet.

  • Tip: Be sure that your swollen-hearted outpour will be appreciated. If your partner scoffs at the mention of rhyme, this probably isn't the best gift.

  • The element of surprise. "I think that one should find any way to add surprise to a gift," said Sacha Bodner, a 23-year-old fellow at UCLA. "Lie, do whatever you have to do -- it's worth it," said Bodner, who once told his girlfriend that a cancelled flight would cause him to miss her birthday -- then he showed up at her window with an armful of roses. The element of surprise could come in handy when you're on a tight budget, too. A bottle of wine is only a bottle of wine until it is presented in a creative manner.

  • Get off free card. What do most people never get enough of? That's right. Write up your partner an IOU that can be traded in for a night of selfish passion. No further explanation necessary.

  • Lingerie. Ah yes, the oldest trick in the book. If done correctly, this gift can do wonders for both the giver and the receiver. Sean Crowley, a 23-year-old criminology student, says lingerie doesn't have to be sleazy and uncomfortable to have an effect. "I once got my girlfriend a pair of little green silk pajamas. I hate underwires that I know can make a woman uncomfortable," he said. "I picked green because it was her favorite color and silk because it feels good against the skin. She opened the box, grinned from ear to ear and was wearing them five minutes later."

    For the not so conservative however, there are many options. Remote controlled vibrating panties are available at most sex shops for $90. Now you don't have to wait until the Christmas party guests are gone to give your lady a little affection.

  • Tip: Whether you decide to go Vicky or Vamp, don't be too scared of coming off as overzealous. There is no bigger disappointment than taking the lid off a Victoria's Secret box and finding a nightgown you might borrow from your grandma.

  • Art. You don't have to be Van Gogh to pull this one off. Paint, draw or photograph your favorite sensual scene or portrait. If your 7th grade art class skills are too scary to show even your parents, leave no room for humiliation and invest in body paint. Also available at most sex shops, this is an affordable and fun way to express yourself with your partner. Paint is made specifically for this and comes in a variety of flavors for about $10.

  • An erotic escape. Tickets for two to a hideaway bed-and-breakfast or to a cushy hotel are great ingredients for love. The atmosphere and scenery at these places creates a ridiculous amount of privacy, which allows a couple to let their hair down. There are thousands of little cottage-esque nests tucked away on the outskirts of big cities. Super sexy because of the pampered treatment and the seclusion, this is a sure-fire way to add some serious spark to a relationship.

  • Tip: Do some research online before you pack your massage oil and kennel the dog. Your fantasy could turn into a nightmare if you're trying to look sexy under a leaking roof and swatting at pests.

  • Seductive songs. With the increasing accessibility of streaming music, it takes no time at all to whip together a music mix of seductive tunes. Personalize it with a sexy photo or a picture of the two of you on the cover to send the vibe that you are interested in getting closer. Turn on your playlist and really groove with your partner.

  • Lucky in love foreplay dice. Affordable and frisky, glow-in-the-dark foreplay dice have the potential to turn any night of the year into a sexual casino. All six sides are filled with words like "lick" and "tease," and can lead to an endless amount of foreplay fun. Available for only $6, this is gift that turns on when the lights turn off.