10 Skin Care Apps

by Eileen Bailey Health Writer

"There's an app for that." It's something we hear all the time about just about every topic or idea and skin care is no exception. There are plenty of health apps, with abundant information on any skin condition you have. Most of the cosmetic manufacturers have apps, letting you see what you would look like with a different color hair, a new hairstyle or a whole new make-up look.

Below are 10 apps for skin care:


With a catalog of over 160,000 skin care products, the mySkin app gives you recommendations of what products are best for your skin type and your lifestyle. It keeps track of what products you have used and your experience so you don't have to buy a product that you don't like a second time because you have forgotten having tried it in the past. Available for iPad and iPhone. Free.

Organic Skin Care

An informational app with a knowledge bank on natural skin care, help for acne, problem areas, skin care products and more. Provides tips on caring for your skin. Available on Anrdroid. Free.

Organic Spa Magazine Skin Care Guide

If you want to buy products that are made organically and contain natural ingredients, this is the app for you. It lists leading companies in the natural and organic beauty field so you can check out a company before buying their products. Available on iPad and iPhone. Free.

Virtual Makeover

Use a photo of your face or choose from models to check out make-up, hair accessories and hairstyles. You can see how you would look with different colors and shades of eye shadow, lipstick, foundation and blush. You can check out how a new hairstyle looks on you, without taking a risk. Available for Android, iPhone and iPad and Free for a limited time.

The Color Genius for L'Oreal Paris

An app that helps you match your make-up with your outfit. Take a picture of your outfit, choose day or night and then choose whether you want to match, blend or clash with the outfit. The app will give you a complete look, with shades for nail polish, lipstick and eye shadow. Available in iPhone and iPad. Free.

Love my Skin

An app to promote awareness of skin cancer. You can "tap" on a section of the body to highlight any moles you want to watch in the future. You can enter descriptions and details and then update each time you do a skin self-check, tracking any changes. Available for iPad and iPhone. Free


Provides localized, real-time information on UVA and UVB rays to help you plan your day and minimize your exposure to the harmful rays. The app can be set to give you sunscreen reapplication reminders and provides tips for staying safe in the sun. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android. Free.

My Own App

Using facial recognition technology, this app assesses signs of aging by measuring the number of lines, wrinkles and age-spots on your face. It then compares your numbers to others in your age group to let you know how you are aging. Free on iPhone and iPad.

Skin Care Recipes

Do you want to use fresh herbs and other ingredients you can find right in your own kitchen to help care for your skin? This app gives you recipes for preparing your own facial scrubs, masks, massage oils, moisturizers and more. Available for Android . Free.

100 Skin Care Tips

Tips to help you looking your best. Includes beauty and skin care tips. Available for Android. Free.

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