10 Things to Ask Your Doctor About Psoriasis Management and Treatment

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If you have been diagnosed with psoriasis you will undoubtedly have many questions about your skin condition You may find some of the answers to your questions in my latest post, "Ten Things You Need to Know About Psoriasis "But probably the most pressing question you will have following your diagnosis, is "How do I treat my psoriasis?" And the answer really does depend upon the severity of your psoriasis and what your doctor or dermatologist recommends as the best treatment for you.

To up the odds for successful treatment, one thing that can help is for you to be an informed patient. This means that you research your condition as well as the latest treatment options. Another key ingredient in feeling confident to manage your psoriasis is to ask the right questions of your doctor. We are going to assist you in this process by giving you a list of important question to ask your doctor or dermatologist about your psoriasis and how to treat it.

Just to quickly review, psoriasis is a chronic skin disease with inflammation (irritation and swelling) characterized by frequent episodes of redness, itching, and thick, dry, silvery scales on the skin. Although there currently is no cure for psoriasis there are many ways to treat and manage this skin condition. You may print out the following questions to take with you to your doctor to better guide you in the treatment process.

1. How severe is my psoriasis?

2. What are the most common environmental triggers for psoriasis? How do I know which triggers will cause a flare up for me?

3. Are any of the medications I am taking a trigger for psoriasis?

4. I have heard that some people who have psoriasis can develop psoriatic arthritis. Can you tell me if I am at risk for having psoriatic arthritis?

5. I have heard that people who have psoriasis are more at risk for other medical conditions. What are my risk factors for having heart problems, inflammatory bowel disease or diabetes?

6. How do I control the itch caused by my psoriasis? Will any over the counter medications work for me or will I need a prescription or other type of therapy?

7. Are there any home remedies I can try?

8. What are the latest and most effective treatments for psoriasis? Do you have any literature or research for me to look at?

9. What are the side effects to any of the prescribed medications or treatments you are recommending? Can you instruct me as to how to properly use or administer these treatments?

10. How do I handle the emotional issues caused by my psoriasis? Do you know of any support groups for psoriasis patients that I may join?

This is just a sample list of questions you may take to your doctor. You may only wish to ask a few of these questions or you may have more individualized questions based upon your unique circumstances. The main thing to remember is to be assertive about your condition and treatment. Don't be afraid to ask your doctor questions. As an empowered patient you can feel more confident in knowing that you can manage your psoriasis. It is possible to live well even with such a chronic skin condition. We are here to help you to learn how.

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