10 Tips for Handling Migraine Light Sensitivity

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During a migraine, light can make me feel as if I'm standing on a stage with every available spotlight shining in my eyes. In more than 50 years of living with migraines, I've found a few ways to cope with light. Maybe they can help you or give you some ideas of your own.

So, without further ado, here are my top 10 tips for dealing with light and light sensitivity:

  1. Install a dimmer switch on every light switch in your house that will utilize one.
  2. Replace light colored lamp shades with darker ones.
  3. If your overhead lights have clear globes over them, replace them with frosted or colored globes.
  4. Select lined curtains or draperies.
  5. Install darkening shades behind your curtains or draperies.
  6. When outdoors, wear good quality sunglasses. Note that wearing sunglasses indoors is not good for our eyes and can lead to increased sensitivity to light.
  7. Indoors, try the FL-41 tinted glasses, developed specifically to help people with migraine handle light. I love my glasses from AxonOptics. Always cautious, I asked my ophthalmologist to take a look at them, and he was impressed with their quality.
  8. Indoors or out, try a baseball cap or sun visor to block light from above.
  9. The newer LCD computer monitors have done away with the flicker that triggered migraines in some, but it can still be difficult to look at a computer screen if we're sensitive to light. Choose one that has easily accessed brightness controls.
  10. Keep working on effective migraine management. Not only has Botox decreased the number of migraines I get, it's been amazing for reducing my sensitivity to light, both during a migraine and between migraines.

Do YOU have tips for dealing with light and light sensitivity? If so, please post a comment below, and share them with usRelated information:

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