10/15/07 #8 - Unexplained severe, sharp head pains and nausea?

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My wife suffers from Migraines. She is 19, nonsmoker and nondrinker. Recently (for a little over a week now) she has started complaining of severe and sharp head pains and nausea. She said that it was unlike any pain that she has previously had.

She also has problems with severe head pains while trying to have a bowel movement, as she has to strain very hard to do so lately. Tonight was the first time her severe head pains have turned into throbbing pains and from there they went back and forth, until she had to take some medicine for Migraine pains. All of this started, like I said, a little over a week ago, right after she had a few bad Migraines almost back to back (about 3 in roughly 2 weeks). My question is, can her severe pains be caused from Migraines and can that also cause her to have those pains while straining to have a bowel movement? Can an overabundance of stress cause this? I hope you can help to shed some light on this subject for me. Thank You, James.


Dear James;

Not to be rude, only to help, but for heaven sake, don't wait until your wife has had unexplained head pain for a week, then ask questions on the Internet. Get her to the doctor, and do it now.

Although we can tell you what some people experience with Migraines, we can't diagnose your wife via the Internet. Migraine can include short, stabbing pains usually lasting approximately 5 - 30 seconds, called _ice pick headaches _. Nausea is a common symptom of Migraine. Any exertion during a Migraine attack can cause the headache to intensify.

HOWEVER, whenever a Migraineur has an episode such as you're describing your wife having, they should be seen by their doctor. There are other illnesses that can produce the same symptoms, and you need to be sure.

No, stress could not have caused all of this, and don't let any doctor blame it all on stress.

Now, James, take your wife to a doctor, please.

Good luck,
John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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