10/8/07 #5 - Connection between mouth ulcers and Migraine?

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I used to suffer from terrible mouth ulcers. When I was about 9, our family doctor decided they were a bacterial infection (in 1963) and put me on Argyrol solution to control them. The only effect the Argyrol solution had was to stain my teeth a lovely tan.

When I was about 15, my ENT treated me for the mouth ulcers with an elimination diet (no food triggers), valium, Maalox and another smallpox vaccination. He also prescribed a silver nitrate solution to cauterize the ulcers. Relief at last! I was no longer having to go to bed for 2-3 days with flu-like symptoms!

The first migraines I remember were in 1967-1968. There may have only been 1 migraine, followed by a prolonged rebound headache, as I remember taking aspirin for weeks (without asking my mama.) I think I still had a mouth ulcer or 2 during that time. My next migraines were in 1975. I thought I was going blind, as my brain couldn't interpret what my left eye was seeing.

I stopped getting mouth ulcers 15 August 1995, the very day I started with chronic migraines. Could there be a connection between the mouth ulcers and the migraines? Rebecca.


Dear Rebecca;

As far as I know, mouth ulcerations are, or can be, caused by viruses. The family of Herpes viruses have been implicated in these painful problems. I wonder if anyone suggested treatment with antiviral preparations, either oral or intravenously. There are several available. Of course, the daily headaches/migraines also require treatment and that may be a separate issue from the question of a viral causation.

Good luck,
John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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