11 Apps to Help Adults with ADHD Get to Sleep

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Many adults with ADHD have trouble falling asleep. They have a hard time turning off the constant flow of thoughts and might find themselves tossing and turning for hours and end up with only a few hours sleep before having to wake up and start their day. There’s an app for that! Check out the following sleep aid apps and find one that works for you.

Ambient noise apps

White Noise Free Sleep Sounds

By TMSoft

Available for Apple Products

Has a variety of ambient noises, such as ocean waves, rain, white noise and an oscillating fan. You choose the sound that best helps you fall asleep.

Chroma Doze

By Paul Marks

Available on GooglePlay for free

The description states “doesn’t play looped samples” and there are no ads on the app. It has an overall rating of 4.4 stars.

Sleep Fan

By Techlicious

Available on iTunes for free

If you sleep better with the sound of an electric fan, this one is for you. You can set the “fan” to low, medium or high speed and set the time you want the fan to continue.

Sleep Fan

By Yappy LLC

Available on GooglePlay for free

An Android sleep fan that allows you to choose your fan type and speed.

Lightning Bug

See more at lightningbug.me

Available on GooglePlay for free

This is an app for nature sounds but it has plug-ins and a free White Noise pack. It is rated 406 stars.

There are many more ambient noise apps available, these are just a few.

Relaxation apps

If you prefer guided meditation or soft melodies to help you fall asleep, here are a few apps to get you started:

Relax Melodies

By iLBSoft

Available on iTunes for free

Also available on GooglePlay for free by Ipnos Software

You select the sounds and melodies you want and can create your own unique mix to help you relax and sleep. Also available for Apple Watch.

Deep Sleep

By Michael Schneider

Available on iTunes and Google Play for $2.99 and

A guided meditation app led by Andrew Johnson. Available for iPhone and iPad. This app has a rating of 4.5 stars.

Relax and Sleep

By Glenn Harrold

Available on iTunes and GooglePlay for free.

Allows you to save sessions so you can repeat those that worked best for you. This app has a rating of 5 stars in iTunes and 4 stars in GooglePlay

Tracking your sleep and other miscellaneous apps to help


By Zeo

Available on iTunes for free

How about an app that tells you how long you have been sleeping and wakes you up at the optimal time so you feel refreshed.

To Bed

ByTord Asnes

Available on iTunes for free

This app uses information about your age and wakeup times to remind you it is time to get to bed. Great for the ADHD adult who gets hyperfocused and suddenly notices it is 4:00 AM.

Sleep Cycle

By Northcube AB

Available on iTunes for $0.99

This app analyzes your sleep cycle to wake you up during your lightest sleep phase so you wake feeling refreshed.

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