11/20/07 #4- Headache at the top and lower left sides of the back of head for months?

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Please help this is critical to me! I am 20 years old and a male and I have been suffering with a headache at the top and lower left sides of the back of my head for months now. It just wont go away. It causes burning sensations, pins and needles, it can be throbbing or it can be dull but it is debilitating to say the least! Please tell me what you think this might be! I do have chronic sinus problems and I used to weight lift a lot, but after in a while as I am seeing a chiropractor for a neck and shoulder problem. Could this be an inflammation or something serious? My parents think I am paranoid but I cant go on any more without knowing! Thank you so very much, Garrett.


Dear Garrett;

You need to see a doctor. If you've seen one, and still don't have answers, go to another doctor. A chiropractor can offer valuable services, especially for skeletal problems, but you need to see a doctor who can rule out other issues and diagnose these headaches. What you're describing could be any number of things, but nobody can diagnose you via the Internet.

You are 20-years-old, an adult. Don't worry about what your parents think. Get to a doctor for appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

Good luck,
John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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