1/21/08 #5 - Are leg aches a normal after-effect of a migraine?

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Are leg aches a normal after-effect of a migraine? My so's legs ache after a long migraine (3 days or more). It hurts so bad that I have to rub Aspercreme on them, give him an Advil and an ice pack. Two neurologists have told me that they have never heard of this. He has been on three different preventive type medications - Neurotin, Torodal and Inderal when the leg cramps happened. Therefore, I don't think it's the medicine causing the leg pain.

Even though his legs hurt, he is glad when it happens because he says it means that the migraine episode is ending. To me, that is proof enough that the leg aches are related to the migraines since a 10 year old could come up with that conclusion.

He has been diagnosed with hemiplegic migraines by one doctor and another says it is post-traumatic, complicated, chronic migraines. We are in the process of finding another doctor to confirm which type of migraine he has. We are also in the process of having blood work and a 2nd MRI/MRA approved by insurance. Yvonne.


Dear Yvonne;

This is truly an unusual symptom after a Migraine goes away. It would not be unusual to have some leg aching during the Migraine itself. I have one patient who has a similar description, but the leg aching and cramping begins during the headache. I would certainly agree with searching for another headache expert to consult with. Indeed, there are very few pediatric neurologists with an interest in headache. We're lucky to have one such gentleman in Dallas, Dr. Steven Linder. Hemiplegic migraines are a difficult diagnosis and there are no very specific tests for this problem. Has your son had an EEG?

Good-luck in your search for answers,
John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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