15 Cold Weather Date Ideas

Health Writer

The temperatures are slowly dropping and before we know it the deep freeze of winter will be upon us. You might think of "romantic date" as something to do in the summer...moonlit walks, spending the day at the beach, strolling through summer festivals hand-in-hand. But romance doesn't only happen when it is warm out. Winter dates can be just as romantic.

The following are ideas for bringing romance to cold, winter nights:

Ice-skating**.** Depending on where you live, you might find an outdoor pond or ice rink. If skating on a pond, be sure it is safe to skate - falling through the ice is not romantic. For those where outdoor skating isn't a good idea, look for a local ice-skating rink.

Take a hike**.** No matter where you live, hikes are a great way to enjoy the outdoors, even when it is cold out. For those in snowy areas, go for a snowshoe walk, it doesn't take any skills or knowledge, such as skiing. When your hike is over, find a cozy place to cuddle up and enjoy hot chocolate or a glass of wine.

Explore the indoors. Check out local museums, theatres, concerts and art museums.

Build a snowman together**.** You are never too old to build a snowman. If you don't have a yard, create your Frosty in the local park. Don't forget to stop at a local thrift shop for a hat, scarf and other accessories.

Take a cooking class together. Look for classes teaching foods using seasonal ingredients and cozy foods.

Host a wine and cheese party**.** Check out local wineries and throw a party allowing guests to try wines made in your own area.

Go sledding. Bundle up and head off to a snowy hill (make sure you aren't going to end up in the street at the bottom of the hill.) End the afternoon or evening with some hot chocolate and a movie night at home.

Rent movies. Have an at-home movie night. Rent some classic movies, pop some popcorn and snuggle on the couch together.

Pretend you are tourists. Check out the local tourist areas, bring a camera and head out to learn the history and areas of interest in your own town.

Embrace the season. Rent a log cabin in the woods. Pack lots of warm clothes and enough food to keep you satisfied through the weekend.

Head to the movies...without checking to see what is showing. Agree to see the next movie showing, no matter what it is. If you both enjoy the movie, that's great, if not, you both can sit back and laugh at how awful it was.

Find a local ghost tour. What could be more fun on a dark, cold night than going on a spooky ghost tour?

Volunteer together. Spend a day working at an animal shelter, passing out food at a local church, visiting a nursing home, taking meals to the elderly. Whatever it is you feel passionate about, there is bound to be a charity that needs your help.

Rent a room with a hot tub. Take a one-night vacation by renting a room with a hot tub, bring along some candles and wine and"

Pretend you are snowed in. Get out the board games, make some popcorn and hot chocolate and play board games all day.