15 Must Read Posts about Managing Anxiety on a Daily Basis

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Anxiety can sometimes take over our life, leaving us not knowing which way to turn or what to do to manage symptoms and improve our lives. The Health Central's Anxiety Community offers ideas, suggestions and information on living with anxiety in our daily life. Throughout 2011 there have been many outstanding posts and today I wanted to share with you some of those that give practical information to cope with your anxiety disorder.

How to Select a Therapist - Therapy is sometimes part of your treatment plan but it can be confusing choosing the therapist best for you. Our expert, Jerry Kennard provides guidelines to help you through the process.

Support Groups; What to Look For, Where to Find One - Besides therapy, another great resource to help you in learning to manage symptoms of an anxiety disorder is support groups, a group of people coming together to offer encouragement, support and sharing their experiences. But these types of groups are often hard to find. In this post, we talk about what to look for and where you can look to find the best group for you.

Dealing with Test Anxiety - Most people feel nervous before a test, but for some test anxiety is debilitating, interfering with their ability to do well on the test and causing them to forget everything they learned. In this post, we offer some suggestions to help relieve the stress and anxiety both before and during the test.

Should You Tell Your Employer About Your Anxiety - Questions to Think About Before You Tell - If you have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, you may be wondering whether to tell your employer about your diagnosis. This is a personal decision with no right or wrong answers. We give you questions to ask yourself to help you decide what is best for you.

Should You Take Medication for Anxiety? - When diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, you probably have questions about medication. Should you take it? Will it help? If you take medication, do you need to do anything else? Are there side-effects of medications? Is it worth it? While we can't answer the last question or even decide for you whether anxiety medication is a good option for you, we can give you some information to help you and your doctor decide whether medication will be a part of your treatment.

New Job Anxiety - Starting a new job is scary. You are worried about your performance but you can't seem to focus because your anxiety gets in the way. You want to do well, but are worried that your anxiety is going to cause you to lose the job. Expert Merely Me helps with ideas to managing anxiety when starting a new job.

10 Lifestyle Stressors to Avoid - There are some situations in life you just can't avoid, you have to work through them and hope you will make it to the other side. But there are also ways to avoid stressors that can increase your anxiety. Our expert Jerry Kennard lists 10 stressors that you can avoid in your everyday life.

Relaxation Techniques and Training - Everyone uses their own techniques to calm down. They range from the ‘count to 10’ technique used at times of maximum irritation, to catching a few calm moments, to taking time out to get away from it all. Read more from Jerry Kennard about techniques for relaxation.

Apps for Self-Monitoring Anxiety - Self-monitoring of anxiety can give you much needed information on your anxiety levels, symptoms and triggers. You can keep track of whether anxiety is more prevalent at certain times of the day, when you are in stressful situations or if there are people and places that trigger anxious feelings. Monitoring helps you become aware of symptoms and might even help you recognize signs of an impending panic attack, allowing you to take steps to alleviate it before it begins.

10 Things You Need to Know About Anxiety Medications Before You Take Them - There are many different medications available to help treat the symptoms of anxiety but there are also some drawbacks to taking medication. In this post, we discuss 10 things you should know about anxiety medications.

Ways to Boost Your Self Esteem - Jerry Kennard writes, "Our self-esteem is under assault. I'm using this Sharepost to identify some of the issues that cause self-esteem to be chipped away, to think of ways to stop the rot and turn things to your advantage." Read the suggestions from Jerry about boosting your self-esteem.

Anxiety over Not Being Perfect: Why Some of Us Crave Perfection - So many times we worry and fret every time something doesn't turn out exactly right. Expert Merely Me shares ideas for taming the perfectionist thoughts.

Guided Imagery to Help Reduce Anxiety - One suggestion for helping to reduce your anxiety levels is by using mental pictures to increase your calm thoughts and feelings. This post gives you steps to start guided imagery in your daily life.

Managing Emotional Turmoil - Each day we are faced with many situations that bring out emotions, both good and bad. But sometimes in life we encounter a time when our emotional health is threatened because of what is going on around us.

Anti-Anxiety Mantra: It's Only Temporary - Merely Me writes, "It is only temporary. This was the thought that helped me the other day when I was feeling particularly stressed and anxious. I had this light bulb moment, when I realized that the problems which cause my anxiety are almost always temporary." She explains how this can help reduce your anxiety each day.