1 in 4 Pregnancies Worldwide Ends in Abortion: WHO

A report in the Lancet, based on estimates from the World Health Organization and the Guttmacher Institute, finds that more than 55 million induced abortions are undertaken globally each year -- a number that represents roughly 25 percent of pregnancies, and is higher than previously thought. Noting that rates have for the most part improved (that is, have dropped) in richer countries over the past decade, researchers also acknowledge that abortion rates have basically stayed the same in poorer regions of the globe during that same period, leading many experts to call for better and more widely available contraceptive alternatives worldwide.

The World Health Organization's Dr. Bela Ganatra notes that "the high rates of abortion seen in our study provide further evidence of the need to improve and expand access to effective contraceptive services. Investing in modern contraceptive methods would be far less costly to women and to society than having unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions."

Sourced from: BBC, Abortion study: 25% of pregnancies terminated, estimates suggest