2015 Offered Glimmers of Hope for a Future with Less Chronic Pain

Health Professional

Have you reached the end of this year thinking, “Thank God it’s over”?  Or perhaps you are thinking, “Thank God I feel better than I did at this time last year”.  One thing for sure, everyone would rather be saying the second statement rather than the first statement.  What does it take to get to the place where progress is made over the course of a year, when you can actually say, “I feel better this year?”

Having been in this position before, I can honestly say that good health can be the best bridge from where you are to where you want to be.  Thus, throughout the year, we at HealthCentral have been committed to bringing you accurate information that you need in order to improve your health, find resiliency, and relieve suffering.

If you want to feel better by this time next year, launching into that trajectory might require you to improve your relationships.  The significant people in your life can benefit by learning the Do’s And Don’ts When Living With Someone Experiencing Chronic Pain.  It is equally important that you know that there are many things you have in common with others that experience chronic pain.  By feeling connected to others around you, you too can have greater buoyancy for thriving throughout the year.

If you want to feel better next year, try tackling the way you feel from different directions.  Two great ways to relieve suffering and improve your health are to improve your sleep quality and to improve your fitness level.  Sleep Quality Affects Pain Intensity and can vastly improve your quality of life.  Furthermore, beginning an exercise program will help to improve your fitness level so that you can do more things that you enjoy.  Earlier this year, we offered some advice about how to get started.

Sometimes chronic pain is not the only physical symptom that has you feeling badly.  Managing other associated symptoms like low energy and constipation can be equally important as managing the pain intensity levels.  Some of you might benefit from hormone testing, an often overlooked step towards feeling better.  And as many of you already know, keeping the bowels moving is necessary for good quality of life as well because constipation can just as uncomfortable as your painful condition.

And finally, you definitely don’t want to feel worse next year, so follow some friendly advice about safety and injury prevention this fall and winter season.  One misstep can hurl you into a miserable next year.

We look forward to helping you next year with more advice about navigating through a world of chronic pain.