2016 MS HealthCentral: A Year in Review

Patient Expert

2016 has been a great year for MSHealthCentral. We started an MS Facebook page that has a growing community. HealthCentral received recognition for Live Bold Live Now, a campaign that includes The Big Picture, which features 23 creative people with MS who live beyond their disease.

Our 2016 annual review includes links to more than 70 articles posted this year that have discussed coping with MS, diet, exercise, lifestyle, aging, relationships, family planning, self-advocacy, diagnosis and testing for MS, advanced MS, research, and disease-modifying therapies.

Top Multiple Sclerosis News for 2016

Coping with MS

Diet and MS

Exercise, Mobility, and MS Symptoms

Lifestyle Risks and MS

Relationships and MS

Pregnancy and MS

MS Care and Self-Advocacy

Diagnosis and Testing for MS

MRIs and MS

Aging and MS

Advanced MS

Treatments for MS

Additional MS Research

MS Campaigns and Profiles of Amazing MSers