3 Free Apps for Time Management and Organization

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We use our smart phones, our Kindle Fires, our iPads for all kinds of tasks. We look up information, check our email and entertain ourselves. But these devices can also help you stay on track and stay organized. The following are three free apps that may help, depending on which device you have. (Stay tuned in the coming months for information on additional apps).


Price: Free

Evernote allows you to capture your thoughts, copy and paste web content, make audio notes and sync the information between your phone, computer and iPad. In essence, it helps to organize your thoughts and puts them in one single place -   so you can later search and easily find them.

You begin by creating a "note." Give your note a name to help you remember what is in it, type your thoughts or ideas, add images by dragging and dropping, include information from websites (by simply clicking the Evernote button on your browser) and finish your note. You can create a notebook so all your notes about one topic are filed in the same place. For example, if you go searching the internet for recipes, create a note for each, copy and paste the recipe and file in your "Recipes" notebook. Next time you need to find a recipe, you can search Evernote and find it within minutes.

Evernote can be synchronized on the Web. That means you can find your recipes no matter what computer you are on. From the web, you can synchonize Evernote with all your other devices. Whenever you use Evernote, all your devices will be automatically updated. That means, after you make a note with a great new recipe, you can view it when you are at the store on your phone to make sure you buy all the ingredients.

Evernote is available for Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, Mac and Windows. It works with Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers.


Price: Free

iQue - called FORGET on the iPhone - helps you remember all those little details you don't want to put down on paper or on unsecured, non-password notes. iQue holds passwords, account numbers and other personal information. You tag your information so it can easily be found and allows you to create an encrypted note for extra security. The only password you will need to remember is the password for you to get into your iQue app.

IQue is available for iPad and requires iOS 3.2 or later.

Personal Projects Manager

Price: Free for Android, Blackberry and Online Version

Personal Projects Manager lets you keep track of tasks you need to complete, allowing you to stay on track and more easily reach your goals. This would be a great app for breaking down large tasks or school reports as it allows you to create "project events" and "project tasks" which are small tasks which must be completed. Project events are activities you want to be reminded of. Using the example of a school report, your activities may include, "research topic A" or "write up outline." Project Tasks are similar but are considered milestones that you expect to complete by a certain date - simply add in when you are starting the task, when the task should be completed and a short description.

This app makes it easy to set goals and track your progress.

It is available for Android and Blackberry and is also available online. The online version allows you to log in to the mobile version so you can monitor your progress through your phone.

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