3 Online Tools that Help You Lose Weight!

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Online Resources for Weight Management

Before you begin a do-it-yourself weight management program via the internet, be wise and consult a physician, nutritionist, or dietician first. Proper weight loss should be the goal, not just shedding as many pounds as possible   in as short a time as possible-only to gain it all back provided you succeed at all. Key components of a weight loss program are patience and discipline. To accomplish these, it's best to include a professional for guidance, choose a plan that is best for you, and put that patience and discipline in play. The internet can be a good supplement, once you have an idea as to how you are going to proceed.

Having said that, I suggest you start big when seeking online resources. By big, I mean United States Government big. A good place to begin is ChooseMyPlate.gov.

ChooseMyPlate.govChooseMyPlate.gov is a website of the United Sates Department of Agriculture that provides information to all interested parties seeking healthier diets. The website is friendly, not only for a general population, but healthcare professionals, nutrition educators, and the health industry. The purpose of the site is to aid in building a healthy diet using** resources and tools for dietary assessment and nutrition education**.

MyPlate is designed to promote thought about building a healthy plate and providing information to realize that goal. The MyPlate icon is designed to illustrate the five food groups that are the foundation for a healthy diet. The icon is in the shape of a place setting and divided into trays for fruits, grains, vegetables, protein, and dairy.

The site also has a good amount of information about weight and calories, physical activity, and healthy eating tips as well as many options for printable materials.

Nutrition.govAnother good starting program for internet-based weight management and healthy living is ** nutrition.gov**.

The website provides simple access to information about food and nutrition and reliable information about nutrition, healthy eating, physical activity, and food safety for consumers. Specialized information for infants, children, teens, adults, and seniors is also provided.

The site allows the consumer to browse through subject matter such as What's In Food, Smart Nutrition, Life Stages, Weight Management, Nutrition and Health Issues, Shopping, Cooking and Meal Planning and others.

Each subject is then broken down into more catered topics. For instance, Weight Management is subdivided into Strategies for Success, What You Should Know About Popular Diets, Physical Activity and Body Image to name a few.

Weight-control Information NetworkA final suggestion is the ** Weight-control Information Network**, an information service of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. The site offers publications and resources on nutrition, physical activity, and weight control that are grouped for the public, for healthcare providers, and for community groups and organizations.

On this network, a good place to begin might be Choosing a Safe and Successful Weight Loss Program from the 'For the Public' section. The publication offers suggestions about getting started, what to look for in a weight loss program, and what questions should be asked when making a program.

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