3 Things To Do Before Having Sex

by Miss A Community Member

Talking about sex is certainly less fun than having sex. And I think everyone has some skeletons rattling around in their proverbial closet. Here are some things you should and should not
discuss with your prospective sexual partner.

1.** Define The Relationship** -

You never want to make assumptions about where your new relationship is headed. Sometimes the signals you are given make you feel the relationship is more serious than what your partner intended. Other times, the signals show that the relationship isn't too serious, when in fact your partner does want a more serious relationship. There are so many more types of relationships than there once were, so it's not always clear where you stand, so find out before you take your relationship to the next level.

The man should be the one to bring up this conversation. He should want to keep you all for himself.
If the guy doesn't bring it up, then you can take that to mean that you can both see other people. Depending on what type of relationship you're looking for, it may be best to hold off on having sex. If you do decide to have sex without a committed relationship, realize that your partner is likely sleeping around, so make sure you are smart and use protection.

2. Get Tested -

Whether you are in a sexual relationship currently or not, you should get yourself tested for STD's regularly. Many people are afraid to get tested, because they're scared to find out if they have something. Knowledge is power. Either you won't have any diseases, or you will know that you do, and will be able to take appropriate steps to deal with them.

Most men do not enjoy wearing a condom, and in my experience if you ask a man to get tested so that they won't have to wear a condom, they'll do it. Men will think more highly of you for taking care of yourself, and having enough respect for yourself to ask that they get tested. If a man won't get tested, he's probably not that into you, so just move on. Typically, once you're both tested you can see each other's paperwork, and it's actually a happy time that will bond the couple closer together.

3. Skip The Interrogation-

I do not recommend getting into a discussion about each other's sexual past. It only stirs up trouble and incites jealousy. Don't ask him how many women he's been with. Don't ask him who the last person he dated was. Don't ask him about the best sex of his life. Don't ask him how many women he's been in love with. Just don't do it You really don't want to know. Don't go down that road. You'll only open Pandora's box. And think about it, do you really want him asking you all those questions? People are in your past for a reason. Leave them there.

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