40 Million U.S. Adults Struggle with Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is not just your parents' or grandparents' problem. About 40 million adults aged 20 to 69 in the U.S. have hearing loss and approximately 1 in 4 adults who report "excellent" or "good" hearing already have some hearing damage. According to the CDC, almost twice as many people have hearing loss as cancer or diabetes.

Exposure to loud noise—at work or away from your job—is a leading cause of permanent hearing loss. Over time, loud music—at concerts or through earphones, for example—or noise from machinery or power equipment leaf blowers and lawn mowers can damage hearing. Sustained or frequent exposure to loud sounds cause the most damage and hearing loss.

To help prevent hearing loss, avoid exposure to loud noise as much as possible, or wear earplugs, protective ear muffs, or noise-canceling headphones. Lower the volume when watching television or listening to music and have your hearing checked regularly.

Image Credit: Thinkstock

Sourced from: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention