5 Changes to Make in 2017 for Adults with ADHD

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To set a resolution or not, that is the question. On one hand, resolutions are commitments to making a positive change in your life. On the other hand, they usually go by the wayside within days or weeks. Whether or not you choose to make a resolution and set goals for yourself, there are some changes you can incorporate into your daily life that will help you better prepare for your upcoming day.

ADHD Coach Jenna Knight shared five ideas with HealthCentral to help you be more productive. 1. Build a morning routine in 2017

The morning routine can be one of the toughest areas for an adult with ADHD. The morning is time-pressured and has a lot of different steps, and this type of stressful situation doesn’t bring out the best in many adults with ADHD.

2. Plan the night before

Write down just 1-3 of the most important things you need to get done on a “to do” list. By keeping this list to 1-3 tasks, it becomes easier to get the most important things done, and not to start procrastinating by doing the tasks that are less important.

3. Prep the night before

Reduce the stress of your morning routine by getting the simple details out of the way the night before. For example, pick out your clothes, prepare and pack your lunch, put your keys, wallet, and other needed items in a place where you will not have to be running around looking for them the next morning.

4. Write a reminder on your bedside table

What you see in the first few minutes after you wake up can have an effect on your morning and, as an extension, your whole day. Try putting a note with a reminder on your bedside table. An example of things you can write on your note could be one of your favorite quotes, or your most important “whys.” For instance: why is important to follow these ideas toward a better 2017?

5. Get some positive information into your brain over breakfast – While eating breakfast, do something that does not depress you or makes you feel powerless to change your life or the world in a small or big way. Think positive. For example, read a few couple positive posts from a blog or website, listen to a podcast that increases your motivation, or read a chapter from a book that inspires you.

Jenna Knight is an ADHD coach and the author of the ebook Managing Adult ADHD: Practical Tools & Strategies for Dealing with Everyday Life. You can find out more about her coaching services at Never Defeated Coaching.

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