5 Simple Steps to Reduce High Blood Pressure Without Medication

by Alvin Hopkinson Patient Expert

There have been many studies conducted in the attempt to decrease the number of deaths caused by high blood pressure. Coincidently, high blood pressure or hypertension is a major risk factor for heart attack and stroke.

Unfortunately, physicians are constantly prescribing medications to individuals suffering from the condition in order to reduce the blood pressure and slow down the long-term effects. Most people aren't aware, however, that reducing high blood pressure without using medication can be accomplished by simply changing your daily lifestyle.

According to The National Institutes of Health, men and women who maintain unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits put themselves more at risk of living with high blood pressure. Although medications have proven effective, they are also known to cause annoying side effects.

Significant lifestyle changes may allow you to cease medication administration, thereby alleviating these side effects. The studies prove that when an individual was to consistently maintain a healthy lifestyle for at least a year-and-a-half, the blood pressure would reduce significantly.

There are an estimated 65 million adults that suffer with hypertension in the United States, while another 59 million are pre-hypertensive. As these numbers are extremely alarming, it is imperative that you understand the impact that a healthy lifestyle will have on your life.

There are at least five simple steps that you can implement daily that will reduce your high blood pressure and inevitably provide you with the opportunity to reduce high blood pressure without medication being a part of your daily regimen.

1. Add DASH to Your Diet:
The "Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension" is an eating plan that includes certain nutritional substances that significantly reduces high blood pressure.

2. Add Fruits and Vegetables to Your Diet:
These are a good source of stable energy, low in calories, assist with curbing the appetite and work to regulate blood sugar.

3. Add Whole Grains to Your Diet:
These are a powerful source of complex carbohydrates and help to control cholesterol levels.

4. Add Exercise/Physical Activity to Your Daily Lifestyle
Exercise promotes energy, and is a great cardiovascular workout

5. Control Your Weight:
Obesity is one of the key elements that cause high blood pressure.

A healthy dietary plan will not only assist with reducing high blood pressure without using medication, you will feel better in all aspects. It is a huge advantage for you to seek the dietary advice of your physician and/or dietician once you are diagnosed with the disease.

In addition to changing your lifestyle, continue to monitor your blood pressure regularly to ensure that you remain out of any type of danger. Again, The National Institutes of Health recommends that you implement the DASH diet into your lifestyle as it emphasizes all of the nutrients that you need to combat this disease.

Alvin Hopkinson
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