5 Snack Tips for Healthier Game Day Eating (INFOGRAPHIC)


'Tis the season to be eating  Both football and the holidays are kicking in to high gear and so is  your snacking.  Here are a few tips to remember when transforming into the "couch quarterback."

#1: Because chips and crackers are the number one preferred snack of American sports fans, opt for a healthier crunch option.

• Choose baked chips over conventionally fried• Select whole grain or whole wheat crackers instead of the less-nutritious white flour options.• Make homemade popcorn on the stoveinstead of microwaveable bags that contain potentially harmful chemicals. Skip the butter and lightly salt to save calories.

#2: If you have a sweet toothe, try snacking on frozen grapes or other hydrating fruits like watermelon and oranges.

#3: Swap the meat and cheese plate for colorful assorted vegetables and either a Greek yogurt based dip, or guacamole.  Avocados, the primary ingredient of guacamole, are loaded with healthy fats but are high in calories - so take it easy.

#4: A handful of nuts and dried fruits provide a bounty of nutrients while satisfying hunger.

#5: If you insist on a having a beer (or two) during the game, choose a low-calorie, extra light option.