5 Solutions to Low Back Pain During Pregnancy

by Christina Lasich, MD Health Professional

If you are expecting a baby, you might also expect to have low back pain. The three primary reasons that pregnancy causes low back pain were previously discussed. To summarize, changes in the body during pregnancy make a woman more vulnerable to the development of low back pain. Once the back pain starts, you will not be as interested in the reasons as you will be in the solutions for it.

  1. Sacroiliac belt and pregnancy supports : Because the hormone called relaxin is causing the ligaments to relax, the skeletal frame is loosening. Now is the time that an extra amount of support in certain areas like the sacroiliac joint and lumbar spine might be very beneficial. The Sacroiliac belt and pregnancy support products are designed to comfortably and safely ease your pregnancy-related back pain.

  2. Maternity Pillows : A variety of different pillows can also help to support you and your very pregnant body while sleeping or lying down to rest. All types of pillows are available from a standard body pillow to other pillows specifically designed for pregnant women. Strategically placed pillows will improve sleep posture and ease low back pain.

  3. Body Mechanics : Remember that your changing body is having a difficulty doing basic things like walking, so now is the time to really pay attention to body mechanics like bending your knees to reach below your waist or sitting down to put on your pants. Even standing can be more comfortable by adjusting your body mechanics. For example if you stand with your feet further apart instead of close together, your back will have a wider base of support.

  4. Nutrition : Even though you are craving things like ice cream in the middle of the night, think about the importance of good nutrition to help your body control pain and inflammation naturally. Frequent blood sugar spikes throughout the day will only increase the amount of pain you are experiencing. By following an anti-inflammatory diet, food can become the best medicine for treating low back pain during pregnancy.

  5. Zero-gravity chair : The single best way to control back pain without medications is by using a zero-gravity chair. These chairs help to eliminate the effects of gravity on your already stressed spine. Most of these chairs allow you to recline partially instead of all the way on your back. Lying on your back can affect circulation as the pregnancy progresses. A slightly reclined position may be all that is needed to relieve low back pain.

These solutions are just a few ideas to try if you are experiencing low back pain during pregnancy. Talk to your health care provider if the pain persists. And after the baby is born, it will be time to bounce back into shape.

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